Nuclear Power

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McCarthy, John. “Frequently Asked Questions About Nuclear Power. ” Formal Reasoning Group. 1995. 29 Mar. 2006. <http://www-formal. stanford. edu/jmc/progress/nuclear-faq. html> This source is in question/answer format and covers many areas of nuclear power. It explains what elements can be used to power these plants and explains the enrichment process as well as reprocessing spent fuel rods. It goes into explaining hypothetical disaster yields. It also covers methods of disposing nuclear waste. ) Yes, this is a persuasive work that agrees to the use of nuclear power. It is more focused on providing information to the general public. There is no true thesis to this work. It is in question answer format and covers many areas. However, it does seem focused on the fact that nuclear power is best because of lower quantities of natural resources. b) John McCarthy was born in Medford, Mass. in 1953 and attended Harvard for a degree in linguistics. He then received Ph. D. from MIT in linguistics.

He writes argumentative essays intended for researched papers and is now researching issues on the Optimality Theory. c) It is a very good informational paper that explains why nuclear power plants will be of much use in the future. d) It will support my paper and will be an excellent addition to attaining background information. e) It is quite out of date due to the increase in technology of nuclear power plants today but still gives much needed information about the problem of diminishing resources and is a good base for writing a pro nuclear power paper. f) Yes, this text is scholarly. ) John has written many acclaimed texts throughout his career and is a well known professor at the University of Massachusetts. He belongs to renowned scholar groups such as the Guggenheim Fellowship and is President of Arabic Linguistics Society. h) Yes, I will most likely look into the published works on the bibliography. The titles themselves are very relevant to my side of the argument. i) I will not research more texts by this author because this is the only work I’ve found having to do with nuclear power. j) SBU’s Environmental Studies Resources (yahoo-environment and nature)

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