Nuclear Chemistry

What is the process in which an unstable atomic nucleus emits charged particles or energy or both?
Uranium-238 undergoes alpha decay. Therefore, uranium-238 will…
…change into a different element altogether.
What type of nuclear decay releases energy but not a particle?
Gamma decay
Is this statement true or false?
All natural radiation is at a level low enough to be safe.
Alpha-emitting substances, such as radon gas, can be a serious health hazard only if…
…they are inhaled or eaten.
How can you detect the amount of exposure you have to radiation? What can you use?
Film badge
Transmutation involves: A.nuclear change B.chemical change C.both D.neither
A.nuclear change
In what state must matter exist for fusion reactions to take place? A.sold B.liquid C.gas D.plasma
An alpha particle is the same as a(an) ______ nucleus.
*The fission reaction within a nuclear reactor is kept under control by the use of _______ ____ that absorb extra _______.
control rods
True/False: Both Fission and Fusion have large amounts of energy.
Fission or Fusion?
Splitting large atoms
Fission or Fusion?
Combining small atoms
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