Now widely used in China jaw crusher and hammer crushing

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Now widely used in China Jaw crusher and hammer crushing iron ore crushing machine model roll crusher, Hammer Crusher broken through, the direct Dry operation. In fact, this mode of operation resulting in significant cost and waste of resources, we analyze and explain one by one. Problems: 1 . Dry low efficiency, butt unusually severe, resulting In production costs and enormous waste of resources; 2.

Hammer Crusher crushing capacity is limited, can not provide a good Dry feeding machine, hammer wear very serious, 3 days to go for a hammer; 3. Jaw Crusher did not play its due function, make no use of electricity without the formation of effective crushing operations; 4. Crushing process layout is unreasonable, there are a lot of material handling work, engineering machinery consume a large amount of production costs; Analysis: 1 .

Dry low efficiency, butt unusually severe, resulting in cost and enormous waste of resources; Selections are generally adopted the open-loop design (not set back to the broken material), into the dry granular material sorting machine is not under control, after a to of blasting, transport, thick broken, thin broken material (there are huge costs ), when the dry election is not magnetic, so

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it is wasting the waste. Is only the magnetic material fine weathered broken and a small part of the fines.

Reason that led to this result, broken system does not provide sufficient crushing capacity of dry granular materials are not selected under control, In fact, throw away the wastes contain large quantities of iron. If the broken system can provide-I Mom material, then dried significant increase in efficiency will be selected to not cause such a massive waste. Therefore, be sure to ore crushing to-I Mom below, then Dry operation. To achieve such a crushing effect, it must be from the crushing process and to study the impact of broken equipment and configuration.

The current rough Jaw crusher(PEPPY * 600, such a crushing requirements. Throw away the current mining area is the so-called “waste” is essentially a stack of Henna Jaw crusher pile of money, because they have been blasting and crushing of iron ore to a certain size Total contains a lot of iron, on the Dry crushing these trials work, it will be very convenient and low cost, know this information, enterprises should take note of the dressing. . The traditional hammer crushing machine crushing capacity is limited, can not provide a good Dry feeding machine, hammer wear very serious, 3 days to go for a hammer; Now widely used in traditional hammer crushing machine is one type of hammer used, the models can not provide the required high-speed impact crushing impact velocity, so crushing capacity is limited.

Additionally, the current configuration nearly unreasonable broken line, not the Jaw crusher low power consumption and low wear properties of play, and blindly rely on crushing machine crushing Job, so did not have a strong crushing capacity of hammer crusher Machine worse, cause serious hammer wear, but did not get the required size crushing, resulting in inefficiency and Dry serious butt phenomenon. 3.

Jaw Crusher does not play its due function, make no use of electricity without the Jaw Crusher (laminating equipment, including cone crusher) is the power of Squeezing broken Jaw broken and wear the smallest model, the fine ore broken in he process step by step, must take the Jaw crusher is broken abilities to the greatest extent. Jaw Crusher can now be broken to-mm material fineness, and many mineral companies often only Jaw crusher to the ore after crushing to-mm, it will be sent to the crushing cost of ore is relatively much more expensive hammer type crushing machine.

Hammer Crusher crushing not only failed to create a good effect, but consumes a lot of power and wear and tear costs. Operating costs from the point of view, the use of two Jaw crusher to mm broken re is the lowest cost level of fragmentation patterns. Many companies want to hear the two together with a broken Jaw crushing machine process model to find the cost of investment more often, unwilling to set, but with a low investment cost plus Crusher Jaw crusher pattern of high-strength wear.

As everyone knows, such a configuration instead of paying a greater operating costs. Therefore, we strongly appeal to the majority of miners breaker manufacturers, understanding the costs of broken equipment and the original kiln manager, select the correct process model. Generally coarse Jaw crusher+ fine + fine crusher Jaw crusher, or rough Jaw crusher+ Cone + Crusher process mode of iron ore crusher production line.

Reasonable production line designed to maximize the reduction of production costs, so that each power consumption, wear resistant parts, engineering machinery output, labor has played the greatest economic benefits. We must try to reduce the fragmentation phenomenon in the process of material handling, warehousing, material best able to do after breaking the continuity of the material, as far as Seibel the use of natural terrain or equipment will be broken conveyor belt linking the material to avoid large-scale transport phenomena.

Iron ore crushing and dry separation process should be guided by the principle of the lowest operating costs to design the new process required before commencement of the project and cost accounting, the necessary equipment should not be omitted, the key equipment to advanced performance. In essence, the equipment investment costs and the cost of long-running production lines much smaller than it, to draw the attention of the owners concentrator.

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