Nothing but the Truth AVI

How does Philip Malloy describe Miss Narwin in his diary?
uptight, “flinty faced”, sour

How does Mis Narwin describe Philip in her letter to her sister? What good qualities does she see in Philip? What irritates her about him?
a) good-looking, likable, intelligent, real potential
b) shows no desire to strive or learn

What is Mr. Lunser’s approach to morning excercise in his homeroome class?
he makes wisecracks; doesn’t make students show respect

What is Philip most interested in at school? What does he make time for outside of school?
a) mostly interested in sports, girls, best subject-Math
b) out of shcool-running and excercise

Why does Philip do badly on the novel exam?
he didn’t read it

What does Miss Narwin want to do if she could obtain a grant? Why does she feel that she needs to do this?
a) attend a workshop to find better ways of reaching students
b) she feels she is out of touch

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