Just added a section for the summary of the readings at the end of the doc. The discuss area is between the questions and the review content, you can put questions there, or to make it simpler, Just ask In backbone group 🙂 Hey guys! I’m Just going to mention a couple of things here regarding the document and to act as an Introduction. The breakdown Is that the SIX questions have been bolted and that Is what the document will focus on. Try and add as much Information as you can to these.

However, if you have any other questions or think there is important information that everyone should be aware of but is not addressed by any of the questions, I have added a section right at the end after the questions. So Just ask/ post it there. Affably, to make this easier for everyone, a couple of things to keep in mind: 1) Before adding anything, make sure to give it a read and see it has not already been addressed 2) If you have a comment that you want to make, click on Insert, and choose Comment or use CTR+Alt+M. This will ensure that comments aren’t just mixed In with the notes.

It’s also better to make a comment on what someone else wrote If you think they made a mistake, rather than Just edit it, so they can address It on their own or other people can decide who they think Is right. 3) Don’t be an gasohol. In the past, for other courses, Vie had people just delete the document. I’m constantly making a copy of this every few hours. I recommend other people do the same. If something like that happens, I’ll revalued it but change the privacy settings to only allow certain people to edit. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I see you fame we outcome.