Nicomachean Ethics – Summary & Arguments

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A summary of Noncompliance ethics. An essay about the ultimate form of happiness. Not the brief pleasure sought by Imp else. Nor is it the object of passions that many act toward, even being equipped with the knolled GE of what true happiness Is and what Is good and virtuous. It Is the happiness that Is obtained t wrought the knowledge of what is the true good. It is a virtuous desire to seek this knowledge for t he betterment of that object as a whole, for the essential quality that would be consider d “good” for that particular object.

With a drive toward seeking that knowledge, obtaining it, then putting it to use with habits formed by this knowledge, one can achieve the ultimate form of happy Nines. To be virtuous without an exalted or self aware desire to be named as such. There is no superficiality about a truly virtuous person, it can only be obtained through complete and utter honesty within one self and others.

Aristotle also believed the political way of life to be the highest f pursuits as that is one that is directed toward doing the most good to the “citizens” , and can affect and influence a great deal of people’s knowledge pursuits and good qualities. Bullet points of the mall arguments: Every action taken is aimed at some good Happiness is that of the knowledge for betterment of the whole and acting upon it Wealth Is “useful”, honor and virtue can be superficial pursuits, pleasure and persona gain Is vulgar. The final good is: “… Hat which Is always desirable in itself and never for the sake of meeting else. ” (Stetsons paragraph) ; self sufficient happiness is not Just for the betterment of the individual but those around him. “… Since man is born for citizenship. ” (section 7 paragraph 4) Human good Is the actively of soul In accordance with virtue The function of man is an “activity of soul which follows or implies a rational principle ” (sections paragraphs) Commentary.

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