NFPA Codes

Fire Code

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion Foam

National Electrical Code®

NFPA 101
Life Safety Code®

NFPA 220
Types of Building Construction

NFPA 291
Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants

NFPA 295
Wildfire Control

NFPA 400
Hazardous Materials Code

NFPA 414
Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicles

NFPA 704
Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response

NFPA 901
Standard Classifications for Incident Reporting and Fire Protection Data

NFPA 921
Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations

NFPA 1001
Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1002
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1021
Fire Officer Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1031
Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner

NFPA 1033
Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator

NFPA 1041
Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1051
Wildland Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1071
Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1201
Providing Emergency Services to the Public

NFPA 1401
Recommended Practice for Fire Service Training Reports and Records

NFPA 1403
Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions

NFPA 1451
Fire Service Vehicle Operations Training Program

NFPA 1500
Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program

NFPA 1521
Fire Department Safety Officer

NFPA 1561
Emergency Services Incident Management System

NFPA 1581
Fire Department Infection Control Program

NFPA 1582
Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments

NFPA 1583
Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members

NFPA 1620
Pre-Incident Planning

NFPA 1852
Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

NFPA 1901
Automotive Fire Apparatus

NFPA 1906
Wildland Fire Apparatus

NFPA 1911
Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus

NFPA 1914
Testing Fire Department Aerial Devices

NFPA 1961
Fire Hose

NFPA 1962
Inspection, Care, and Use of Fire Hose, Couplings, and Nozzles and the Service Testing of Fire Hose

NFPA 1981
Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services

NFPA 1983
Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services

NFPA 1989
Breathing Air Quality for Emergency Services Respiratory Protection

NFPA 5000
Building Construction and Safety Code®

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