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Sexual harassment and misconduct by an employee or manager can result in issues even outside the workforce in some cases. The employer can be found guilty for sexual harassment or delinquency even if their employees are the ones doing the wrong. It is a sticky situation for employers because they may believe their management is professional when indeed they are the ones putting the company in danger of being sued. Although there are ways the employers can avoid being sued for harassment in a lawsuit if the employee has certain duties and responsibilities, but do not include critical power such as hiring, firing, discipline and others of that nature.

Also note that if an employer knows about the harassment and does not take action to stop it, then the employer is exposed to being sued for harassment. In the article I chose the write about, a company that operates a McDonalds in Wyoming is being sued for allegedly harassing an employee.
Priess Enterprises, operating a McDonalds in Wyoming, employed a student named Megan McCafferty at the McDonalds. Megan’s shift manager at McDonalds was Jacob Peterson. Jacob Peterson took part in the management training program with Priess Enterprises, but the article clearly states that the shift manager’s duties did not include hiring, firing, promoting, demoting, or transferring employees within the restaurant.

Jacob’s responsibilities merely related to delegating tasks on the job, scheduling breaks, authorizing employees to leave early or stay late, and disciplinary actions. Megan, who was in high school, agreed to pick up another employees shift but said she needed a ride from school to work. When Peterson agreed and arrived to pick her up, he told her that she did not need to work that day and asked her if she wanted to “hang out”. Megan agreed and then Peterson offered her Marijuana and other drugs.

They proceeded to use and drink alcohol which led to sexual relations between the two over the next few days….

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