NEU GenChem1 Toher 11/2-11/5

What does STP stand for?

Standard temperature and pressure.

What are the given variables involved in STP?
Temperature (T) is 0oC or 273.15K and pressure (P) is 1atm or 760torr or 101,325Pa.
How much volume does exactly one mole of a gas occupy at STP?
It will occupy exactly 22.4L.
What does Avogadro’s Hypothesis state?

His hypothesis states that equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure contain equal number of molecules.

Determine how the volume of CO2 produced from the decomposition of CaCO3 at STP would be calculated.

g(CaCO3)(molCaCO3)(molCO2;;;)([email protected];;)=L(CO2

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;gCaCO3;;;;; molCaCO3 1molCO2

How can you quantify gases?

Gases can be quantified using pressure, volume, moles and temperature.

Define Boyle’s Law.
Boyle’s Law states that at constant temperature and matter, pressure is inversely related to volume (that is, for any given variable x,;x=pv).
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