NEU GenChem 9/28-10/1 Toher

What is the prefix for 7?


What is the prefix for 9?


What suffix is always used in covalent nomenclature?

The prefix of -ide is always used in covalent nomenclature.

What is Avogadro’s Number and what is significant about it?

Avogadro’s Number is 6.022 x 1023. This number is special because it is the number of atoms or molecules in a mole of an element or compound (respectively).

What is the exact definition of a mole?

A mole is the amount of that contains exactly the number of atoms contained 12g of Carbon-12.

What is the technical definition of “atomic mass”?

Atomic mass  equals the mass of 1 mole of an element or compound. Specific decimal places are due to the presense of mutliple isotopes within atoms.

What is the first step in balancing chemical equations?

Write the reaction with blank spaces before ther formulas.

What is the second step of balancing equations?

Check if the equation if already balanced.

What is the third step of balancing equations?

Create a graph. Left = reactants, right = products.

What is the fourth step of balancing chemical reactions?
Inspect for discrepencies in the graph.
What trick should be used when balancing chemical equations?
Start with the element in lowest abundance (typcially a metal) and leave hydrogen for second to last and always balance oxygen last.
Define molecular formula

A molecular formula is something that displays the actual mole-to-mole ratio between elements in a single structural unit.

Define empirichal formula (aka simplest formula)

The empirichal formula displays the smallest whole-number ratio between elements in a formula (compound). Divide through by the greatest common factor.

How do you determine the molecular and/or empirichal formula from mass % data?
1. Assume there is 100g (unless some other mass is given). 2. Replace % with grams. 3. Convert grams to moles. 4. Divide each mole value by the smallest from step 3. 5. Insert mole as a subscript. 6. If molecular formula is desired divide the mass of the empirichal formula into the given molar mass. 7. Multiply quotient of step 6 by the subscripts in the empirichal formula.
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