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Globalization is non a new phenomena. It was chiefly formed long clip ago. when Greeks. Romans conquered other states and distribute their power to them. However. the nature of globalisation has been changed over clip and reached to the phase of modern globalisation. In the article “Spiritual position on globalization” . Ira Rifkin ( 2003 ) says that the modern globalisation could be identified from a meeting on 1944 in Bretton Woods where 40 five states agreed to set up the IMF and the World Bank. The redevelopment of information engineering. particularly the spread of Internet has pushed the globalisation procedure to go on faster than of all time before and changed the whole universe dramatically. Many states are taking advantage of globalisation to excite their economic growing. make more occupations and better societal benefits. However. they are besides enduring several negative effects of globalisation: the disappearing of some traditional civilization. the devastation of environment. and the disparities between rich and hapless.

The first negative consequence of globalisation is that it is cut downing the diverseness of traditional civilization of some little states. Each state has its ain indistinguishable civilization. However. with the development of progress engineering every bit good as international trade. a batch of transnational corporations are established ; consequence in an interrelated universe and the remotion of national boundary lines. Some states are unable to defy the cultural interaction with other states every bit good as the cultural imperialism of developed states. Their traditional civilization is losing and replaced by Americans and Western manners. Rifkin writes that the Americans and Western civilization have affected or even obliterated the traditional civilization of some states. Peoples in these states are more and more prefer McDonald’s fast nutrient. Hollywood movies or Disney amusements. In “The deathly noodle” . Hasting. Thiel and Thomas besides reference that the American processed nutrient may be one sort of American cultural crowned head. It has changed the nutrient wonts of many states.

In add-on. in some extend. globalisation besides impacts on the manner people consider cognition. In this Information Age. it is easy to acquire all necessary information on the Internet and they are frequently formal modern cognition. Thus. traditional cognition is vanishing. In “Exiled to Cyberia” . Kunda Dixit says that we have paid excessively much attending on formal modern cognition. and overlooked the traditional cognition. These cultural alterations besides happen in Vietnam. Young people now like to listen to the vocals of the universe celebrated vocalists like Celine Dion. Micheal Jackson or Lady Gaga and maintain off most of Vietnamese traditional music. A batch of traditional games are no longer their favourite things. They like to pass their free clip playing games online or chew the fating with friends on the Internet. At film. Hollywood movies are advertised everyplace but it is hard to happen a Vietnam movie. Gradually. many states are losing their cultural diverseness and individuality. And there will be no large differences between countries’ civilization because of the powerful spread of America and Western civilization.

Possibly the following coevalss will non be cognizant that they used to hold an alone traditional civilization in their society. Another job which states are confronting with under the effects of globalisation is the debasement of environment. Human can be considered the proprietor of natural environment and have power to alter it. However. the impacts of homo on environment are more and more aggressive because of the detonation of population and economic growing. Global environment has been destructing in many different ways. In “Poverty and Environmental Degradation” . Mabogunje writes that the world’s population has increased quickly. particularly in developing states and urban countries due to medical accomplishments. This population detonation has put many people in the hapless criterions of life. As a consequence. to do a life. they have cut trees in woods and over cultivated their farming areas.

Therefore. a batch of species have no topographic point to last and so be extinct. a broad scope of lands become desertification. and losingss of surface soil are go oning in many states. The planetary ecosystem is going imbalanced and the environment is earnestly degraded. Besides. globalisation has brought serious pollution for many states in the universe. Air pollution. H2O pollution and clime alterations are now a large issue which requires all states to collaborate to decide. There are several factors doing pollution. One cause of air pollution and planetary heating is the addition in Numberss of vehicles in metropoliss. particularly in developing states. In “If hapless acquire richer. does universe see progress” . Knickerbocker tells us that Chinese economic system has been rapidly developing. In Shanghai. Numberss of autos have been increasing significantly every hebdomad while the bikes may be non permitted on some large roads.

This alteration is doing planetary atmosphere polluted. The state of affairs of Vietnam is every bit same as other developing states. Recently. Numberss of vehicles have been turning faster in large metropoliss and they are a chief cause of air pollution in Vietnamese urban countries. The ingestion of the hapless people besides consequences in pollution. Harmonizing to Maboguje. the biomass fuels and other merchandises consumed by the hapless are doing serious air pollution. The wide utilizations of chemicals. fertilisers and pesticides are another cause of pollution. Maboguje says that in order to bring forth more agricultural merchandises. husbandmans in many states have loosely used fertilisers and pesticides which pollute H2O beginnings and are harmful to environment every bit good as people’s wellness.

Last. globalisation is widening the spread between the rich and the hapless. It has affected all the participants who involved in globalisation procedure in many ways. Although some states have already got out of poorness and developed their economic system. wealth states are those who have taken most benefits from globalisation and go richer and more powerful. Multinational corporations in developed states make immense net incomes from outsourcing their productions to developing states where labour costs are really inexpensive and other production conditions are more favourable. As consequences. the spread between rich states and hapless states are increasing. Harmonizing to Rifkin. the unequal difference between the rich and the hapless are widening. More than one billion people in the universe are ling in really hapless conditions.

The quickly economic growing in developing states besides consequences in the inequality in income and life criterions of people populating in metropoliss and those populating in rural countries. In fact. the economic growing frequently happens first in industrial countries and in metropoliss. so people who have good instruction or working accomplishments can acquire higher income and better their lives. In rural countries. on the other manus. people’s lives fundamentally depend on agribusiness which is easy developed so their incomes do non alter really much or even diminish because of the impact of environment alterations on their agricultural production. Furthermore. when economic system is turning. the goods monetary value and criterions of life are besides higher. These things affect earnestly to the hapless people and do their lives become harder.

In decision. globalisation is ineluctable tendency in this advanced engineering epoch. Most states in the universe were involved in this spiral of globalisation. Although globalisation has created a batch of important benefits to these states. helped them increase the economic growing. better people’s life criterions. it besides has brought many challenges and disadvantages for these states. in which the dismissal of traditional civilization. environmental debasement. and disparities between rich and hapless are noteworthy issues. Each state suffers the negative effects of globalisation on different degrees. Therefore. many states may hold different solutions to their jobs. However. in order to make to the sustainable development. every state needs to organize together to work out the issues and minimise the disadvantage effects.

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