NCLEX – Management of Care

Who controls “standards of practice”?
Nursing profession – i.e. – ANA
Who controls “scope of practice”?
State’s Nurse Practice Act
Who controls “Standards of care”?
Institutional policy and procedure
What are the 6 “Quality and Safety Education for Nurses” competencies?
1) Patient-centered care
2) Teamwork and collaboration
3) Evidence-based practice
4) Quality improvement
5) Safety
6) Informatics
What are the 5 Rights of Delegation?
1) Right task
2) Right circumstance
3) Right person
4) Right direction/communication
5) Right supervision/evaluation
What are the 5 characteristics of total quality management?
1) Focus on customer
2) Focus on outcomes
3) Total organizational involvement
4) Multi-professional approach
5) Use of quality tools and statistics for measurement
6) Identification of key areas for improvement with an emphasis on SAFETY
What are the characteristics of functional/task nursing?
Needs of clients are broken down into tasks
Tasks are assigned based on scope of practice of staff member
I.E. – RN gives meds for all clients and NA does hygiene care for all clients
What are the characteristics of team nursing?
Most common type
Team leader supervises client care and team
Team usually consists of RN, LPN, and NA
All staff members share in the care of patients based on scope of practice
What are the characteristics of total client care/case method nursing?
An RN is responsible for all aspects of client’s care
May have LPN to assist RN
Usually for CC areas
What are the characteristics of primary care nursing?
RN maintains a load of clients
RN designs, implements, and is accountable for the care of those clients during the entire duration of their stay on the unit
What are the 4 legal components that must be proven with negligence?
1) Duty: the nurse had a duty to perform the task
2) Breach of duty: the nurse did not perform the required task
3) Proximate cause: proof of relationship between breach of duty and injury suffered
4) Damages: injury/suffering was caused to client
What are the 8 ethical principles?
1) Respect for others
2) Autonomy
3) Nonmaleficence
4) Beneficence
5) Justice
6) Veracity
7) Confidentiality
8) Fidelity
What does autonomy mean?
Respecting the client’s right to make decisions for him/herself
What does nonmaleficence mean?
Do no harm
What does beneficence mean?
Do good and avoid evil
What does justice mean?
What does veracity mean?
Obligation to tell the truth
What does confidentiality mean?
Respect of privacy
What does fidelity mean?
Loyalty, faithfulness and honoring of comittments

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