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In this article there will be a discussion of nature and nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual.

Nature is genetic and biological influences and nurture is a social, economic and environmental influence as stated by Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2010) Every person is unique. Everyone is biologically different from every other human being. Person’s characteristics are features of the person that determines the way he or she looks behaves feels and thinks. There have always been a lot of debates as to whether our characteristics are because of nature or nurture.Every person is unique; everyone is biologically different from every other human being. Characteristics are features of a person that determines the way he or she looks, behaves, feels and thinks.

There has always been a lot of debate as to whether our characteristics are because of nature or nurture. At a very young age Eminem was encouraged by mother to explore his creative side in which he found an interest in rap music. His social influence for example his friends at his school would have led him to be very confident in his early years which shaped his characteristics.Eminem’s genetics determined his high intellect because while he was very young he was able to use basic grammar and speak very clearly by the age of seven, which was important if he wanted to have a career in music .

It can be argued that his genetics is what shaped and made it possible for him to pursue a career in rapping. The fact that he developed well intellectually meant that it was very easy for him to get into music so his genetics was a benefit in his life.Eminem and his mother moved to several different areas while he was still young which may have had an emotional effect on him, it may have been hard for him to move on and forget about relationships which he had already made. The environment around him kept changing which therefore may have altered his characteristics in a sense of the way he though, behaved and felt.

It seems that Eminem was not easily influenced by his friends. He did not need to ‘follow the crowd’ to fit in. Eminem said he was never into drugs like everyone else around him.His social influences did not have an effect on him which shows that he was a very strong character and did not allow his peers to nurture his behaviour. Eminem’s genetics once again proved to be a benefit in his life since he was recognised as one the 10 most popular rapper , which brought him a lot of attention as well as criticism from the media.

The genetic qualities that he was born with, inherited from his parents seemed to be an attraction to the public and Eminem wanted other people to define the person that he was by listening to his music.Eminem inherited from his father an important character trait that is determination, which helped Eminem seek a goal and not give up, so that has achieved success in the music which he always dreamed of. Eminem’s mother was a writer of books, so I guess she had a great imagination, vocabulary and charisma that Eminem could inherit from her, so it was much easier to write such lyrics to his songs, because he could use his great imagination and a good vocabulary which marked his technique and style of being.Eminem charisma helped make easy contact with people, so I may say that it is because Eminem has a strong personality and ‘infecting’ the energy at his concerts, and radiated a positive force, so that more and more people saw the potential in him. Eminem had a few ‘bumpy years’ in his relationship with Kim (his wife).

Finding it hard to cope with these rough times, the fact that in his early years of childhood the split between his parents could have affected him emotionally therefore resulting in how he dealt with difficult situation with his wife, so therefore they decided to divorce.The split between his parents could have influenced him to follow in their footsteps meaning that nurture camouflaged the way he thought about relationships. Eminem is a very honest person which he could inherit this character trait from his parents and he always said what he thought, and also his lyrics was based on his sincerity, so people who were listening to him always knew that his songs are all real, and this made him special comparing to other’s rappers or singers.It seems that nurture did not really have as much effect on Eminem as his nature did the fact that his environment kept changing while he was young.

This meant that nurture did not really imprint on his characteristics. Nature proved to be a benefit to Eminem. His genetics stood out a lot as he was recognized by the public for it. In conclusion it appears that Eminem’s characteristics were more biological and genetically influenced than social, economic and environmental influences.

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