NASCLA Contractors Guide to business, law and project management.

Entrepreneurs are often regarded as…
Risk takers
Whats found in a business plan?
Cover page, executive summary, company summary, products and services, market analysis, marketing strategy, and financial plan.
What is a market analysis?
Your target market, market trends, and major competitors are defined under market analysis.
What is a cover page?
Contact information and a confidentiality statement are stated on the cover page.
Whats an executive summary?
Placed after the cober page at the begining of the buisness plan, the executive summary includes hughlights of the plan and gains interest to the reader. It is usually written last
What is a company summary?
The company vision and mission, legal structure, management personnel, business location, and facilities are outlined in the company summary section.
What is products ans services?
Your specific products and services, primary subcontractors and suppliers, the use of technology on your buisness, and expansion opportunities are all covered in the products and services.
A business plan serves what three key functions?
A planning tool, a loan or investment document, and a bench marketing tool.
Putting together a planning tool helps you…
Think though all possible scenarios for growth in the market.
If your are planning to seek loan financing or approach and investor you will need a …?
Business plan.
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