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The management team ; It is generally advisable to write the executive summary last when all the details of the blueprint are available. 6 ; Describe in some detail the product or service to be produced/sold. ; Discuss the application of the product or service and describe the primary end use as well any significant secondary applications. ; Emphasize any unique features of the product or service and how these will create or add significant value; also, highlight any differences between what is currently on the market and what you will offer that will account for your market penetration 2.

(count) ; Define the present state of development of the product or service and how much time and money will be required to fully develop, test, and introduce the product or service. Provide a summary of the functional specifications and photographs, if available ,of the product. ; Describe any patents or other proprietary features of the product or service. ; Discuss any opportunities for the expansion of the product line or the development of related product or service.

Entrepreneurship Dept, FEM. (2009) 8 Areas to be covered are: the key components related to the product/service or ; research &

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development and the intellectual property involved ; specialized knowledge and experience and skills involved ; regulations that may govern the use of the technology to deliver the product/service ; future technology and market trends foreseen 9 ; Information in this section needs to support the assertion that the product can capture a substantial market in growing industry and stand up to competition. The sections discussed under market analysis include: Customers Market size and trends Competition Market share and sales Market strategy 10 4. Market Analysis and Strategies: Discuss who the customers for the product or classified by relatively homogeneous groups having common, identifiable characteristics (e. G. , by major market segment). ; b. Show who and where the major purchasers for the product or service are in the market segment. Include national regions and foreign countries, as appropriate. ; c.

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