Naming Compounds

Binary Acid
Must begin with Hydrogen. Second element is a nonmetal
1. hydrogen is changed to hydro
2. second is named but ending is changed to “ic” followed by the word “acid”
Binary Salt
made up of nonmetal and metal
1. name first element
2. name second element but change ending to “ide”
Binary Molecular Compounds
formed by two nonmetals
greek prefixes show how many atoms of each element are present in the compound
similar to binary salts because the ending of the second element is changed to “ide”
EXCEPT: if there is more than one atrom in the first element the use the appropriate prefix in front of the name of that element. The second element ALWAYS has a prefix (use mono if only 1) and ending is changed to ide
Greek Prefixes (used for binary molecular compounds)
Ternary Compounds
contains a polyatomic ion
binary compounds
made of two elements
ternary Bases
all bases end with Hydroxide ion (HO negative)
1. name first ion followed by hydroxide
ternary salts
if the formula ends with a polyatomic ion but does not contain HO and doesn’t begin with hydrogen
1. name the first element the the polyatomic ion
Note: sometimes the number of oxygen atoms is different than the number of atoms in the base polyatomic ion. if the occurs, the name pf the compound is slightly adjusted.
if the ion has 1 MORE oxygen atom, it is named with the prefix per and still ends with ate
if the ion has 1 LESS oxygen atom the ending is changed from ate to ite.
if the ion has 2 LESS oxygen atoms then its name begins with the prefix hypo and ends with ite
ternary acids
like binary acids, it must begin with hydrogen. these acids also contain a polyatomic ion. only the polyatomic ion is used when naming. hydrogen is not mentioned.
1. name the polyatomic ion changing the ending to “ic” if it ends in “ate” and “ous” if it ends in “ite”
2. followed by acid
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