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In this paper. I will be supplying a anticipation of how aliens will depict a condemnable and whether those descriptions would be probably to concentrate on street felons. corporate. white-collar. or province offense. An penetration of how society defines offenses and how decides what to specify as a offense will besides be provided. A statement about a peculiar offense will be presented and used in order to exemplify how we as a society know that it is an accurate statement. At last. an illustration of a widely held myth or misconception about offense and society will be provided explicating how society determines that it is a myth and why is so hard to abandon that myth.

It is clear that as a society we have the misconception that a felon is a individual that comes from a really hapless country. deficiency of resources. and does non hold an instruction. As a society we tend to concentrate on street felons instead than other types of offenses that we hardly hear about because they are non presented or shown on the intelligence every bit much as street offenses are. I am certain that if I would hold to inquire or interview one hundred aliens to depict a condemnable. many of them would state that a felon is a individual that breaks or does non desire to follow the jurisprudence. A individual that bargains because that is the lone manner they can supply for their households. a individual that has mental issues that affect his/her stableness to be able to hold a normal life without interrupting the jurisprudence. can be besides described as a felon.

I would state society has described offense as one of the most serious job that our community faces due to the different behaviours people have adapted that violate values and norms. As society would state offense is a system that is put in topographic point in order to protect the human rights of others ; offense is an act of interrupting and go againsting the jurisprudence. or a behaviour that offends or harm a community or the 1s around it. As the Former President Richard Nixon said in several occasions “crime is our number-one enemy and we must declare war against it” ( Zastrow. 2010 ) but it can ne’er be that manner because we ne’er know when we are traveling to be involved in some type of offense merely like president Nixon was. when he faced condemnable charges in connexion with the Watergate matter. There are many different types of offenses that had helped society create and understand the definition of it but I think. society tends to “think that offense is a chiseled phenomenon and to hold stereotyped positions about who felons are” ( Zastrow. 2010 ) .

Most of the times. we believe that felons are merely those who are non able to hold a nice occupation. those who does non hold an instruction. those with deficiency of resources that in order to supply for their households the lone manner to make it is by perpetrating a offense. and many times we tend to pigeonhole that by and large merely people of a certain race and colour are the 1s that commit offenses. when really. “criminal discourtesies and the features of violators are about every bit varied as noncriminal discourtesies and jurisprudence abiders” ( Zastrow. 2010 ) . As an illustration of a peculiar offense we have “theft” which refers to “illegally taking someone’s belongings without the person’s consent” ( Zastrow. 2010 ) .

As a society we know this is an accurate statement because as many of us were turning up. our parents ever taught us to non to take or touch things that do non belong to us otherwise we would travel to imprison or we will hold effects since we were perpetrating a offense because we were go againsting person else’s belongings and infinite. But as we all know this type of discourtesy is non merely about taking some else’s belongings. these types of discourtesies “range from pickpocketing and burglary to sophisticated multimillion-dollar cheats ( Zastrow. 2010 ) .

Misconceptions about offense make society believe certain things that are non true most of the times. And cognizing that is non true. we tend to keep this myth and misconception because that is what we heard as were turning up and larning about different types of offenses. As an illustration of a misconception or myth that we normally believe is true is that. “Most sexual assaults are committed by strangers” ( CSOM. 2012 ) . why do we believe this? Because we would ne’er associate or believe that our households or friends would perpetrate a offense such as sexual assault to one of our loved 1s. But the truth is that “most sexual assaults are committed by person known to the victim or the victim’s household. regardless of whether the victim is a kid or an adult” ( CSOM. 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to the Center for Sex Offender Management. statistics indicate that the bulk of adult females who have been raped cognize their attacker. The CSOM besides states that relations. friends. babysitters. individuals in places of authorization over the kid. or individuals who supervise kids are more likely than aliens to perpetrate sexual assault. It is clear that myths like this 1. makes us believe that merely aliens have the power to ache us and our households when the truth is that many times we have the enemy populating under the same roof. It is sad but true. presents as parents and grownups we have to very cautiousnesss and aware of the people around us because we ne’er know when person is traveling to harm our household and loved 1s.

I believe this is a myth that is really hard to abandon because as I have stated before we do non believe that our household or friends. the people we trust are traveling to ache us. We have ever learned to be cognizant and be careful of aliens because they are unsafe individual that merely want to harm us and that is what learn our kids excessively. I think we have to educate ourselves a little more in order to be able to abandon this myth and be able to learn our kids the importance of talking up when person is seeking to touch or ache them even when is person we know.

In decision. as we know offense is one of the most serious jobs that we face as a state and the misconception we have as a society makes us believe that merely certain type of people are the 1s that commit offenses. When world is that there are different types of offenses such as organized offenses. chancing. drug trafficking. loan sharking. white-collar offense. computing machine offense. hare offense. and many more. The misconceptions we have about offense create myths which makes it difficult for other to believe that there are many other types of offenses and that anyone is capable of perpetrating a offense or violate Torahs.

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