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In the film. My Sister’s Keeper. a cliff-hanging journey through a 13 twelvemonth old’s push for medical emancipation. Anna. Sara. and Kate Fitzgerald acquire bumps and contusions from reasoning over the overall ethical motives of Kate Fitzgerald’s life. Bing an on-going combatant of leukaemia. Anna. the youngest kid of Brian and Sara Fitzgerald. travel through a apparently eternal procedure reasoning over their leukemia-stricken girl Kate’s life. Throughout the whole film. the scene is either in general. Rhode Island or in Providence Hospital where Kate goes for chemotherapy by Dr. Chance. A suspense filled film. Nick Cassavetes creates a play filled film.

During one of the concluding scenes of this brilliant film. Kate and Anna are sitting outside of their place in the grass on a cover. Kate is explicating to Anna all of the ideas that have been traveling through her head for the past few months. Cassavetes includes a flashback of Anna catching Kate locked in her room imbibing and making drugs. Kate was blaring stone music and unmindful to the injury that she was doing her leukemia-stricken organic structure.

Not of all time was Anna able to set two and two together to recognize that Kate did non desire to populate and endure with hurting every minute of her cancer-full life. As a whole. this scene is etched into the movie good. The overall intent of this scene. after all of the tenseness. is to demo a more sensitive side of the film. This is brought out. particularly when Kate is lacing Anna’s hair. moreover typifying the malignant neoplastic disease that has inflicted Kate. This scene besides portrays the stronger side of Kate through the film. Throughout the film. Kate was ever worried about ne’er acquiring a fellow because she had no hair.

For the bulk of the scene. the distance of the camera follows a form. The camera would get down far off and so goes close-up to a certain character. The manager chose to make both close-ups and long shootings in order to demo the proportion difference between Anna’s position and Kate’s. Kate can so be seen by viewing audiences as the attacker in the scene. The camera motion varies throughout the scene. When the manager wants to convey the sum of tenseness in the act. he pans the camera. This type of camera motion is cardinal to demoing the limitless sum of tenseness nowadays in this scene.

The manager would concentrate on how Anna felt round when she finds out that after all of the contributions and surgeries that she had been through. her sister wants to over intoxicate herself. Low-angle shootings are used by the histrions who would look up into the sky and reminisce. The manager uses this angle to represent the sum of thought that Kate does about her life and her hereafter. Overall the intent of the assorted camera angles and motion is to pull the audience members into the film and do is seem as though they are with the characters.

Throughout the scene. the lighting varies. The manager chiefly uses three-point illuming around Kate and Anna to illume up and heighten the full scene. He most likely illustrates this signifier of illuming to add deepness to the surrounding of the two chief characters and maintain the characters seeable at all times of the scene. When the manager wants to do a cartridge holder seem darker and more serious to the viewing audiences. he uses movie noir. This type of lighting is used when Anna catches Kate imbibing in her room and blaring stone music in her room.

Without this dark illuming. the cartridge holder wouldn’t seem every bit stiff as it should look. All in all. illuming in this specific scene of My Sister’s Keeper is highly of import to represent the scene. The costumes play a major portion in this scene. Although the garb seems like apparels that the mean adolescent would have on on a day-to-day footing. it shows the unagitated scene of this portion of the scene. When Anna finds her sister in her room imbibing. Kate was have oning all black and her make-up was running down her face and Anna was in her pyjama.

With all of this said. the costumes worn in the scene are significant for the viewing audiences because it helps them understand the sisters have fights on and off. The set of the film doesn’t take topographic point in California. but in a studio. Although the scene appears to be located in the metropolis of celebrity. in actuality it is changeable utilizing green screens. If the did take topographic point in the reliable location. the manager would hold a harder clip acquiring perfect lighting. The bulk of the clip. the sky was a perfect blue and had merely the right sum of clouds.

Even though the set is green-screened. the scene is much better because of the computed generated artworks like the sky and the clouds that are produced. From the beginning to the terminal. the scene has an mixture of different sorts of redacting from collage to cut passages. When the manager wanted to divide the two subdivisions of the scene. he cut the two to demo the difference in the two subdivisions. When the manager was wrapping this scene up. he faded this scene out. In conculsion. this scene. hands down. is the most valuable portion of the film.

All of the idea in camera angles. illuming. costumes. set. redacting. and sound came together to determine a superb scene. All of these elements allowed the audience to capture a “big-sister moment” . particularly when she is lacing her hair and stating her memorable narratives. Without this. the film would non hold been complete. I believe that this scene was necessary to bridge the spread between the tension-full scenes to the scene when Kate dies. All in all. the director’s cinematic techniques in the scene portray the subjects of love and friendly relationship attractively in the movie.

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