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20 Century. It only took me to drive a short 30 inutes from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam. When I drove out to Hoover Dam, I saw the scenery was amazing. Diving into Hoover Dam area, we had to pass through a security checkpoint. The day we visited Hoover Dam was so crowded and it was very hard to find a parking; for that reason, I parked at the parking lot where locates on the Nevada side of the dam, but it cost me 7 bucks that was expensive for me. We took lots of pictures of the dam and my friend also bought a postcard from a souvenir store; the postcard was very interesting because it made by aluminum.

Even though the amount of the traffic made me unsatisfied, I think this is a worth trip. At night, we went back to Las Vegas Downtown because the major attractions in Las Vegas are the casinos and hotels and they are all in the Downtown. We entered into the Downtown, I saw the street was disorderly crowded and the scene was dazzling. I could not keep walking because I Chu 3 had to stop to take some pictures. The hotels

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and the casinos turned on their lights to make the street became sparkling. A large number of people came out and enjoyed their nightlife.

I believe that hanging out with friends, joining club activities, having dinner and drinking alcohol are the activities people love to do at night in Las Vegas. I found pleasure in it as well. The last day of our trip, we went to “BODIES… The Exhibition. ” This is an amazing creation! It was an educational opportunity brought me face to face to look at real full bodies and organs in showcases and it provided a detailed. Each room shows a different system such as the muscular system, circulatory system, skeletal, reproductive and nervous systems of the body.

Some of the bodies are standing in poses holding a football, baseball, discus, and basketball. Some of the display cases also show diseased organs next to healthy ones. These showcases helped me to understand more what a real smoker’s lung looks like. I saw a huge garbage bin beside for asking people to quit smoking and threw cigarette inside the garbage bin. I saw so many cigarettes there, so I believe lots of people already gave up smoking. This museum gave me an amazing journey into the human body. Now I understand that it is really important to learn from inside the class to outside the class.

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