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Teaching, as always heard, is a noble profession and that our teachers are heroes of the new generation. We have been openly taught that teachers take a large amount of contribution to our youth’s future. Why? Who said this? Who really is a teacher? What is really there in teaching? A teacher, being a second parent in the school and a person a child having contact with in most of the days of his life, really affects a child humanity.

With this, I believe hat a teacher must possess that motherly heart toward every student with different status and walks in life. It is teaching by heart. It is sad to know that the longer the years a teacher teaches the higher possibility that that heart for teaching diminish. It is when s/he sees a new day the same as the days that have passed but failed to make that day an extraordinary day for her or his students. I am not saying, however, that going through these times is terrible for a teacher because we all get used to hinge and would even get tired of trying new things.

As the challenge made by Dry. Enforce Pagans to one of the world’s most powerful cliche©s saying, “The youth is not the nation’s hope for the future. You teachers are. ” would tell that we have in our hands what our youth will be tomorrow and these things, though how powerful or informative, will be all meaningless to them if not taught with compassion. The heart to touch these learners’ lives with the knowledge you have could be more significant and effective.

Having this heart that rejoices even to the little accomplishment, a heart willing to lift students to their best of potentials, a heart ever hopeful of every student’s future, a heart to make a change for the betterment, a heart eager to touch lives in any way she can, and a heart whose desire for her students is nothing but the best. According to Sir Mart on his March 2007 article in the internet that a teacher must have this idea that after everything we teach, let there be Just one message addressed to our students.

That life is worth living because the future awaits them. And there is hope in the future because they will be there. And thus, this is teaching by heart. I believe that education is beyond the knowledge we impart to our students. Teaching is not alone and never will be bounded on the ideas and facts we feed to the precious minds of the students. Inspiring them is not Just a pledge effect of the profession; it is a made choice and decision. My Educational Philosophy By Lamentation’s

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