My Best Friend Essay

Believe it or non. my best friend is an aged adult female in her late seventies. Her name is Maria. She is Spanish decent. married. with no kids. We couldn’t look to be more different. Maria and I met at the gym last twelvemonth. That’s about all we had in common when we met – that we were both active and healthy. Many people would oppugn why I would develop such a close relationship with person more than twice my age. It was our differences that really brought us near.

Maria had already been through all of the things that I had yet to face in my life. and she had a batch to learn me. I was a ready hearer. as I was confronting things in my life that I had ne’er experienced before. I needed counsel and friendly relationship. and Maria was like an angel sent to steer me. I enjoy passing clip with Maria. She is pleasant all the clip and really easy traveling. I can speak to her about anything. and she seems to cognize merely what to state or when non to state anything at all.

She is really confident and doesn’t attempt to affect anyone by feigning to be person she is non ; possibly this is why I am so careworn to her. Maria is really happy with her life despite the fact that she ne’er had kids and is in the winter of her life. She has given me the chance to look at my life in a different position and to accept and be proud of all of the picks that I have made. while at the same clip offering counsel for my hereafter. Every minute I spend with Maria is a gift. I cherish it. I hope she additions as much from our friendly relationship as I do.

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