My assessment on the following areas

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Where I was at the start of the programme

Where I am now

What has helped me improve

I want to be a midwife and I’m going to achieve this by completing my level three health and social care course which will give me the qualification I need to get into university. I chose this cause as I’m very much interested in this sector because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I will need to achieve DDM to get onto a midwifery course at university. I am studying a health and social care level three and I’m currently looking for a placement in a family centre. My family has motivated me to do better and my past experiences have pushed me to improve.

Values and beliefs I value my family as they are my motivation. I valued money because without it, it’s difficult to get to places. I was also aware of values within the health and social care environment which is the confidentiality between the client and service provider and that all service users and providers are entitled to respect. My values are still the same but I have more values such as my education. My course is important, as I will need

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to meet all my deadlines to get my grades.

I’ve now learnt more values and beliefs such as privacy, choice and rights which is part of the legislation in the health and social care setting. My unit six teacher has helped me understand the importance of my cause and she has provided me with the information to do so. My other teachers have also helped me gain knowledge of my health and social care course. Skills I have ICT skills because it’s something I did often in school. My family has always showed me how to be a team player and I’ve used this skill within my work environment.

I’ve gained a hair dressing skill from my family members as doing hair is something all the women in my family do. I also did a beauty course where I have learnt how to do beauty treatments i. e. waxing, massage, manicures etc. Since I’ve started this course I have learnt different ways to communicate and interact effectively. I’ve learnt my rights and my entitlement to having equal opportunity. All unit teachers and myself by practising and working on my skills. Practise

Being a student has helped with my working skills as I know to take notes, meet deadlines and ensuring I’m up to date with my coursework. I was aware of the practice within the health and social care. I’m still a student but on a health and social care course. In order for me to pass my course I need to have good attendance. My unit six teacher and myself as I am responsible for my learning. Knowledge When I started this course I didn’t know much about it but I knew it was a course that would help me get into midwifery. When I was seven I taught myself how to ride a bike.

It took me a while to get the hang of but eventually I knew how to which gave me the knowledge of how to ride a bike and that practice makes perfect. I have also been in situations in my life which has allowed me to become wiser in the way I live my life and the understanding of how I need to carry myself to get to the places.

I know so much more about the course and I know what I need to do and achieve to get where I want to be. I’ve gained: – Types communication skills such as sign language, makaton, formal and informal, oral, verbal and written The different legislations and polices that are promoted within the health and social care environment I. e. confidentiality, respect, privacy, choice. The Human rights that relate to health and social care such as all patients have the right to be treated equally required to their needs which comes under the equal opportunity act which relates to both staff and patients. My unit one teacher has taught me different ways to communicate to suit all individuals. My unit two teacher has also showed me human rights and the legislations in the health and social care setting.

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