My Aim in Life to be a Doctor

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Personal Statement College often Is seen as a choice expected of teens to make. We are supposed to go to college or have to go to college before our lives can begin. I Like to think college Is about preparing us for our lives. It is the building of a raft before we journey down the river of life. Bumpy this ride may become, but our education will keep us afloat. I have chosen college to become one step closer to my goal. That is I plan to be a doctor, a healer.

Through undergraduate school I will further my education so I may apply to medical school and become a physician. For as long as I can remember I have always looked up to doctors and other practitioners they devote so much of themselves to helping others and expect little In return. However, college Isn’t cheap and I wish my parents could afford to pay for my school but we are nearly living paycheck to paycheck and student loans are a nasty business. I have the talents necessary to go far in this world but I haven’t yet had the chance to get a foothold.

I am well motivated no matter the subject, I have an unmatched level of patience, and I eve for knowledge deeper than most. The value of self motivation can best be observed In a high school atmosphere. Those with motivation towards only the things they excel at tend to Include the football players, the nerds, and the cheerleaders. These no doubt are stereotypes, and there are always exceptions to this idea. For the most part, these types of individuals excel at what they are stereotyped as. I employ a different path, that is, I am motivated to excel at everything I do.

I don’t always fare well at what I’m doing but that’s not the point. I do this to become a well rounded Individual. This way I may create my own opinions, break free from any social bondage, and get a taste of all worlds so I may find my calling. Eve tried baseball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, literature, computers, and mathematics. Only when I tested my skills in medicine and science did I find my passion. My motivation to search out my interests before I even knew what they were, and my motivation to learn more about my interests are two examples of how willed I am to be successful.

Over the last summer, I was Involved In a prestigious health careers program In Denver. The program was designed to give kids Interested In medicine a taste of what a career in it is like. It was rigorous and involved, and yet at the end of it I was sad it was over. As a last hurrah, the leaders through us a celebration at which some of the kids were given awards for their efforts. I received the Patient Doctor Award, and although it’s only a piece of paper the counselors and team leaders must have seen something in me or about me I didn’t even know existed.

Patience, a virtue that is critical for doctors and appreciated In students, has helped me In many of my endeavors. In my Job, I must be patient with customers so their experience Isn’t dampened. When I volunteer, I must be tolerant of patients in the hospital or students in my high school or else nothing would ever get done and my peers would find me disrespectful. Patience is a quality I’m proud to have and exercise. Medicine is a truly rewarding field. As a doctor, I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to help those in need.

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