Music therapy

credential for music therapist
AMTA document of design
standards of clinical practice
4 ways of being musical
listening, playing, moving, singing
5 domains
cognition, communication, social, emotional motor
4 disability groups
gerontology, developmental disabilities, mental health, medicine/rehab
american music therapy association
National association of music therapy
Certification Board of music therapists
music therapy-board certified
what is the purpose of AMTA?
To increase public awareness and set standards of education, training, professional standards, credentials, and research in support of music therapy
what is the purpose of CBMT?
to identify knowledge required for music therapist and administer national credentials, continuing education program and to design national exam as one of the requirements of becoming a licensed music therapist.
document by CBMT that defines what music therapists do that practice according to the credential, MT-BC
scope of practice
two new directions for the practice of music therapy
prevention, wellness
3 pillars of viable profession
theory, practice, research
historical text that provides theoretical foundations (title, year, editor)
Music in Therapy, Gaston, 1968
AMTA publication that focuses on music therapy practice
Music therapy perspectives
AMTA publication that focuses on music therapy research and theory
Journal of music therapy
6 functions
restoration, improvement, maintenance, redirection, prevention, wellness
assist client in regaining skills that were once demonstrated but now compromised as a result of a disability
improve client’s current status in comparison to present conditions
to assist in slowing regression and to enhance stabilization for targeted conditions
redirect client’s immediate behaviors in distress
engage areas of the client’s life that is considered being good psychological/physical health
experimental, reflective, quality of life
american music therapy association for students
mid atlantic region
mid atlantic region association for music therapy students
shenandoah university music therapy association
virginia music therapy association
3 parts of specific behavioral objective
clear description of behavior, mediating conditions, evaluation criteria
evidence-based practice
writing goals and objectives in a measurable fashion as to get an outcome we can use for quantity
what is still healthy that allows us to be productive with music therapy even with severe cognitive decline in gerontology?
all areas of the brain except the neo-cortex which controls the cognition are healthy and can be reached with music therpay
define and give an example of music therapy as a related service with developmental disabilities
related service supports the special education program. music therapist offering music class at school.
music therapy as insight in mental health
after the music session evaluate what was learned and how to apply it to nonmusical aspects of the rest of the day
what is the most important function of music therapy and example in medical/rehabilitation?
redirection. distracting from distress and pain of medical tests.

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