Multi-Cultural Education in America Essay

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There are four major ethnic and racial groups present in the United States today. These groups which compose the nation’s population are the African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic and Native Americans or the Non-Hispanic Whites.

For centuries, issues of racial profiling have haunted the American Society. The vast diversity that is present in the population has often resulted to disorder and chaos, as discrimination exists across the nation. Although the government has taken some actions and laws have been made and are implemented, they are not enough to counteract the racism problem at hand which is deeply rooted in American tradition.Universities and schools are the perfect microcosm of diversity that is characterized by the United State’s population. These institutions served as the primary converging area for different groups and allow minorities to mingle with the different ethnic races.

As school population has become more diverse through the years, it is interesting to notice that most of the school teachers and educators are still white and female. Records will show that 87% of the teacher population is white (J. A. B. Banks, C.

A. M. , 2001).For this very reason, many believed that racial discrimination inside middle school’s classrooms are then inevitable as schools and universities tend to hire white teachers and personnel.

Although a call has been made by the government and civil society groups to assimilate ethnical and minority teachings in the curriculum of middle school, quite a number still fails to comply with the directives. They believed that these teachings and issues are just simple insertion of values that originates from the minority clans (Gay,2000).They are efforts and serious attempts to broaden the multicultural content and eventually dismantle the dominant values America has been practicing for a longer period of time. In fact they agreed that by doing so and incorporating multi-cultural education into school curriculums and programs, the national culture will only be transformed into ethnic culture, and children would be taught that American culture is equal of that what the Puerto Ricans, Latinos and Africans have, or what the Chinese and Japanese possess, which they have long believed that are far more inferiors to their race.Thus by not doing so, they are protecting the great American tradition.

Schools also believed that they are misguided programs which are way too expensive to entertain. By inclusion of these fundamental cultures to curriculum, students- especially those which are the minorities – are supposed to earn self- respect and perhaps adulation. However, to them, respect is earned by an individual through personal efforts, achievements and accomplishments. School authorities failed to understand that environment plays vital role that would determine the growth and development of an individual.That for the students to maximize their potentials and honed their abilities and equip them with necessary skills a fair and just environment is necessary. Thus, instead of providing the students with educational and cultural framework to develop and grow in a well nurtured society, schools instead show and reveal how unfair and sick their society is.

In Rutherford County, massive complaints of racial discriminations are filed as parents are alarmed with the growing numbers of black students that are suspended.Compare to their white counterparts, black and Hispanic students continue to be suspended at much higher rates, raising the question of racial discrimination in imposing discipline among the students. In 2006, 14. 4 % of black students and 12% of Hispanic pupils were suspended in the district, which causes a handful of students to lag behind their studies (Scott, 2007). On the other hand rate of suspension for white students stand at 6.

6% (Scott, 2007).Figures and numbers indicate that the rates at which black students are suspended are more than double of the rate at which whites are, while the rate of Hispanics being subjected to disciplinary actions are almost doubled when compare with the white students. However, with all the racial issues that have hound the nation, a flickering hope still exists as certain middle schools which promote camaraderie despite the multi-cultural diversity that exist with in their classrooms is still present.For them building a child’s character is a great foundation that would set aside the differences that exist between ethnic groups, minorities and majority. This character is characterized by set of core values – such as loving, sharing, being just, fair, honest and responsible – which are then deeply rooted to moral and ethical norms and values that accepted by society and would formed the basis of good character (Sleeter, & Grant, C. A.

, 1993). Through this, students would then be armed with respect and dignity, whatever his or her background, in facing a community that is striving for a common good.It should also give students equal rights and sense of security, which is a great way to bridge the gap among ethnic groups, different cultural societies and the dominant American culture that then eventually they can function as one. This kind of program does not endorse religious, cultural and political groups but instead expose student in to different issues and encourages them to know various cultures and traditions.

Cultural diversity is also reassure as schools observed ethnic holidays, traditions and customs (Sleeter, & Grant, C. A. , 1993).Appreciation for foods, clothing and beliefs which are foreign to the dominant American culture also increases awareness of the minorities. The program also does not only relates and draws contents, concepts, and special theories from interdisciplinary fields such as history, ethnic studies and philosophical sciences; it challenges, reinforces and interprets concepts from the established theories. Schools made sure that their mode of teaching was designed to supposedly increase the educational equity among students.

It was proposed to provide a competitive and racism free environment for students. Multicultural education is intended to decrease if not totally abolish race, ethnic and gender divisions. Racial profiling has been a plagued that has hounded American Society from the dawn of time. Although laws have been made, and institutions such as schools and universities are generating waves of ideas to tell everyone is equal and deserves to be treated fair, it may take some time before the public become accustomed to a racial free society.

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