MTG 315 Ch 16

Define integrated marketing communications
is the coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts to ensure maximum informational and persuasive impact on customer
Describe the steps of the communication process
1.the source translates meaning into code, a process known as coding or encoding. The source should employ signs or symbols familiar to the receiver or audience.
2. The coded message is sent through a communications channel to the receiver or audience.
3.The receiver or audience then decodes the message and usually supplies feedback to the source.
noise exists when
the decoded message differs from the encoded one
definition of promotion
Promotion is communication to build and maintain relationships by informing and persuading one or more audiences.
eight primary objectives underlie many promotional programs
1. create awareness of a new product, a new brand, or an existing product
2. to stimulate primary and selective demand
3. to encourage product trial through the use of free samples, coupons, limited free-use offers, contests, and games
4. to identify prospects
5. to retain loyal customers
6. to facilitate reseller support
7. to combat competitive promotional efforts
8. to reduce sales fluctuations
Summarize the four elements of the promotion mix
1. advertising:Advertising is paid non-personal communication about an organization and its products
2. personal selling:paid personal communication that attempts to inform customers and persuade them to purchase products
3. public relations is a broad set of communication efforts used to create and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and its stakeholders
4. sales promotion: is an activity or material that acts as a direct inducement, offering added value or incentive for the product, to resellers, salespeople, or consumers.
Explain the factors that are used to determine a product’s promotion mix
1. promotional resources
2. objectives, and policies
3. characteristics of the target market
4.characteristics of the product
5. cost and availability of promotional methods
Push vs Pull Policy
push policy: the producer only promotes the product to the next institution down the marketing channel
usually stresses personal selling.

pull policy: promote directly to consumers, with the intention of developing strong consumer demand for the products; Once consumers are persuaded to seek the products in retail stores, retailers go to wholesalers or the producer to buy the products

Describe how word-of-mouth communication affects promotion
Word-of-mouth communication is personal, informal exchanges of communication that customers share with one another about products, brands, and companies
Buzz marketing
is an attempt to incite publicity and public excitement surrounding a product through a creative event.
Viral Marketing
is a strategy to get consumers to share a marketer’s message, often through e-mail or online videos, in a way that spreads dramatically and quickly.
Discuss how product placement impacts promotion
Product placement is the strategic location of products or product promotions within television program content to reach the product’s target market
In-program product placements
have been successful in reaching consumers as they are being entertained rather than in the competitive commercial break time periods
List major criticisms and defenses of promotion
1. deception, Although some deceiving or misleading promotions do exist, laws, government regulation, and industry self-regulation minimize deceptive promotion
2. Increasing prices, but it usually tends to lower them. When demand is high, production and marketing costs decrease, which can result in lower prices. Moreover, promotion helps keep prices lower by facilitating price competition.
3. manipulates consumers into buying products they do not need
4. that it leads to a more materialistic society
5. consumers do not benefit sufficiently from promotional activity to justify its high cost
6. some critics of promotion suggest that potentially harmful products, especially those associated with violence, sex, and unhealthy activities, should not be promoted at all.
A major goal of integrated marketing communications is to
send a consistent message to customers.
Anything that reduces the clarity and accuracy of communication is called
Feedback refers to
a receiver’s response to a decoded message
Which of the following is an example of tactile communication
An executive shakes hands with his counterpart from the client company to seal a deal between the companies
Which of the following statements is true of promotion mixes with respect to the product life cycle
In the growth and maturity stages, consumer products require heavy emphasis on advertising
Promoting a product only to the next institution down the marketing channel is known as a
push policy
Which of the following depicts the flow of communication along the marketing channel with a pull promotional strategy
What is truth of word of mouth marketing
Word-of-mouth marketing is linked to new customer acquisition when there is customer involvement and satisfaction.
For which of the following product types is word-of-mouth marketing known to be most effective
Expensive, luxury products
Which of the following statements is true of criticisms and defenses of promotion
Promotion helps keep prices lower by facilitating price competition.

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