MRKT 314

Which of the following best describes marketing?
It encompasses efforts to change or maintain behavior relative to a product.
Word-of-mouth and media mentions
ideally generate positive perceptions of a firm and its brands.
The purpose of the promotional mix is to
inform, persuade, and remind consumers about products
Advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, and public relations are
marketing communication activities
Advertising is
a paid form of nonpersonal promotion by a sponsor.
Which of the following best describes sales promotion?
encouraging the purchase or sale of products through short-term incentives
The purpose of personal selling is to
help a firm to make sales and build customer relationships.
Direct marketing
communicates directly with carefully targeted individual consumers
Coupons, point-of-purchase displays, and special distribution deals are tools used in
short term incentives
Media mentions and word-of-mouth
are nonthreatening means by which consumers become aware of their need for products.
In what way does MPR enhance personal selling?
MPR bridges the gap between the seller and the buyer’s need for a good or service.
A primary goal of a marketing effort is to
differentiate a product from its competition in the minds of consumers
Advertising and MPR efforts tend to work equally well, therefore
organizations have a financial incentive to shift resources from advertising into MPR.
Positioning can be interpreted as
consumer perceptions of a product relative to the market
In MPR, marketers refer to the media and groups who influence others as
Which of the following terms refers to the intended receivers of a promotional message?
What are the two audiences of an MPR campaigns?
intended receivers and connectors

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