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Preemptive and deterrence measures Is defined as taking steps of preventive actions against something know as a deterrent. In the fight on terrorism preemption’s is a look at our own defenseless inadequacies and learn from those vulnerabilities so that we can apply the necessary efforts to eliminate them. With this plan (Smith & Williams, 2001) working together with other agencies the policies that are needed to be in place can deter the terrorist attacks by placing a higher standards for them.

It can be the standard of retribution against them or to Just simply reducing the inadequacies that we have and In turn making It harder for terrorist to succeed. Implementation: The Implementation of preemptive and deterrent measures have been an effective part of the fight on terrorism since threats of harm to the U. S. Has a long history of this measure. As the centuries have passed the tactics of terrorist has increased and become more sophisticated over time.

In present day more preemptive measures as well as deterrents have led to retaliation by the U. S. And have out of these measures sprung many agencies that help combat this global crime. Purpose: The purpose is to be proactive in the countermeasures and tactic for preventing or predicting attacks. The constant analysis and data collection of information through intelligence agencies along with local law enforcement creates a system for predicting potential threats. 2.

Counterrevolution deals with the prevention of or amassing ownership of nuclear weapons. This Is also with the spreading of nuclear weapons which are sold to different countries. Implementation: The National Counterrevolutionaries Center (NCSC) established by the Director of National Intelligence November 21, 2005. President Bush (NCSC n. D. ) signed an act called the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act a year earlier which made the creation of the NCSC mandatory in reference to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Purpose: The (NCSC, n. D. ) has the sole responsibility of malignantly and overseeing, organizing, planning, information gathering, revealing evidence, process and analyze data, plans of implementation, and transportation regarding policies on Weapons of Mass Destruction to stop such proliferation. Mr. Tommy By intermediateness 1 . Preemptive and deterrence measures is defined as taking steps of preventive actions against something know as a deterrent.

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