video games
21.5 billion dollar market
avg. gamer is 31
48% are women
72% of Americans homes have video games
about 20hrs. per week
9% showed signs of a video game addict
Advertising 2014
Branding, image awareness, social and interactive, personalized, viral
Advertising in action
The Internet in the United States is managed by the federal government and its backbone servers
The Internet’s network today is largely a
distributed network
correct timeline

Handheld Consoles, PlayStation, XBox

Hypertext, web browsers, e-mail, cookies

The report on Pew’s study on how Americans viewed the role of the Internet in their lives in 2014 showed that
most respondents said it would be harder to give up the Internet than to give up television.
The Internet was created by private enterprise, but it has been taken over and expanded by the federal government
Wikis are informative Web sites that are strictly controlled by professional editors
The Internet moved into the mass medium phase of development with the invention of
web browsers
The primary use of the Internet in the 1990s was social networking
ARPAnet is a browser
AOL began losing customers in the early 2000s because
its dial-up Internet service wasn’t broadband
Open-source software has code that can be updated by anyone interested in modifying it
According to the text, which of the following technological advancements have aided the Internet’s role in media convergence
the development of digital technologies that allow information to be transferred as a series of binary codes
B. All of the other options are correct.
C. the development of smaller personal computers, made possible through the development of microchips and microprocessors
D. the development of fiber-optic cable, which allowed a massive amount of information to be transmitted extremely quickly
One form of media convergence is
the use of digital technology to access different forms of traditional media
Talking Points Memo is a leading
What was the original motivation for developing the Internet
military and academic research
Of the Internet-based media companies discussed in class whose logos were shown on the first page of the slides, __________ is the dominant player in search engines and ___________ is dominant is social media
Google, Facebook
According to the instructor, the media platforms today create a multi-screen world that media creators must address, ranging from smartphones to large display panel screens.
In class we discussed a book called Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? The author is
John Brockman
According to the instructor, social media and search engines would be characteristic features of
web 2.0
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