Mother Teresa and Her Forgiveness

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Reflection Questions Respond to the following questions based on your viewing of Mother Teresa 1 . List, and specifically describe how Mother Teresa performs some of the Works of Mercy. You should describe no less than five examples. (5 marks) 2. In “The Lord’s Prayer we ask God to “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Cite two specific examples of when Mother Teresa was forgiving to other people. (2 marks) 3. Explain why you believe Mother Theresa wanted “small things done with great eve” to characterize her mission?

Why do you think she showed apprehension, or concern, for when “big” charitable ideas or projects were proposed to her? Explain. (3 marks) ANSWERS 1. – Helped the Hindus in their building during a war. Muslims will make them pay. Helped a mother with her sick son, demanded the doctor to help the little boy. Prevents a boy from getting his leg amputated, waits for the doctor instead. Helps provide for and teach 20 kids and boys. Providing a place for people who are rejected by hospitals and left to die on the tree 2.

The first example of when Mother Teresa forgave someone, is when the Hindu people are standing outside the abandoned church where Mother Teresa has taken the sick people. A man comes inside and accuses of her of taking advantage of the sick to baptize. Mother Teresa says, “To me it makes no difference, a Christian must be a good Christian, a Muslim but be a good Muslim, and a Hindu must be a good Hindu” The Hindu then leaves and tells his group of people to leave because what this nun is a daughter of mercy.

The next example would be when the people that follow her are throwing rocks at the car because they are bringing down the wall. She realizes that she is missing a document and allows them to bring down the wall. When they receive the missing document, she Is happy even though the wall has broken down. 3. I believe that Mother Teresa wants small things done with great love because she believes everything you do should be done with pride and effort.

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