Most Powerful Person on Earth Essay

Who are the most powerful people of the universe? My chaps from my drama group gave me many different replies. What are your replies? Do you believe the most powerful individuals of the universe are: mas and pas? The President? Strong peoples with immense musculuss. brawny jocks. or muscular drawerss? Kings. princes. and princesses which are amply dressed in ornamented vesture. and have retainers? Businessmens that have a batch of money? Friendly instructors with their endless cognition and smiling faces?

I tried to think your replies. Because. those are besides my fellows replies. Most of us have an thought of power that is connected with control or strength. and surely money. My chaps besides think power is in maturity. in add-on to money and strength. But I don’t believe the power in money. or strenght or maturity. Power in non money. Money is impermanent ; you can do it and lose it. If power is related with money. when we lost our money. we must be lost our power. But if we can do money one time. we can do it once more.

If we have confidence. intelligence. and ability to execute efficaciously. we have the power for doing money once more. Power is ability of holding great influence or control over others. And. it is in courage. candor. honestness. and holding large dreams. If you have large dreams. and believe in yourself ; you can make everything you dreamed of. I have a different opponion about the most powerful people. Mas and pas are fighting for provide you a first-class hereafter. They support. protect. and attention for you. When you are ill. they spent insomniac dark merely beside of you.

To most people. nearing the President is about impossible. But they show involvement to you. particularly youngers ; they don’t say anything even tear their hairs. Every clip. they develop undertakings for supplying you a good instruction. Teachers use their cognition for assisting you on your life program. Bussinessmen use their money for constructing new schools. All of them handle you more tolerant. even the Torahs. All people around you. your household. relations. instructors. politicians. battle for supplying you a peaceable. affluent and first-class life.

I bet you guessed my reply. But I think the most powerfull peoples are kids. They have the power of convince. Children have great influence and control over grownups. and universe because of their courage. candor. and honestness. With this power. you can alter a hard state of affairs into an chance to make something good. and be admired for it. Please cognizant of your power. and opportunities that it provides you. and do usage of it in the manner of being a virtuous individual for yourself. your household. your state. and the universe!

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