Morning: Blue and Bright Yellow Sun

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It was a bright, hot and early morning in Paris, as the sun was rising on the first day of summer. The bright yellow sun was staring alongside of the Eiffel tower, caused a large living creature over the path, roads and the water, making every building in its way almost a black. The shadow that cast over the water created a transparent image of the Eiffel tower, which almost looked fake, it was so beautiful. The sky was filled with a mixture of red, orange and the strong, bright yellow light, no clouds to be seen. The Eiffel tower stood high and tall, over powering every other building in the city.

There is a small section of green grass by the waters’ edge. It had been a humid that night which had left dew on top of the grass which was quite cold underfoot. It has beautiful pink, purple and white flowers spread out over the grass. The flowers had a lovely strong smell which slowly crept up your nose when you took a deep breath. The flowers were attracting bees, all you heard was the loud buzzing of the bee’s searching for pollen. The fountain came on and the crystal clear water went up in the air flowing smoothly back and forth.

The water was slashing everywhere and the eater wasn’t very cold as the sun had been shining down at it for a while. The sun reflected off the water and it made water rainbows In the fountain. As the sun had now risen the sky had changed color from an almost orange to a pale blue, with white puffy clouds floating all around the sky. The Eiffel tower was like newly polished silver. Then you heard a sudden rush of cars beeping and speeding underneath the Eiffel tower. The sun was now right above the Eiffel tower and reflected off the silver and made a bright shine which flashed In your eyes like lightning.

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