Morlino Chemistry Exam 3

First Order Half Life
-Half life is independent of [A]
-Half life stays constant

t1/2 = ln2/k

Second Order Half Life
-Half life inversely proportional to [A]
(High concentration, Short half life)
(Small amount of [], long half life)


Zero Order Half Life
-Half life directly proportional to [A]
(Increase [], increase half life, and converse)
-Inversely proportional to temp
(B/c when you increase temp, you increase k)


Reaction Theory/Collision Theory
needs these things to react
-New, stable bonds or stable species must be able to be formed under reaction conditions
(Ex-Temp allows bonds to form)

-Collisions must be energetic enough to provide activation energy for reaction to take place

-Orientation of collision must enable direct contact b/w reactive portions
(Ex-The lone electrons on a molecule must hit the area lacking electrons)

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