Morlino Chemistry Exam 2

Henry’s Law
Solubility of gas at certain pressure
S(gas) = K (constant for specific situation) x P(gas)
S = KP
M = Solute(moles) / Volume Solution (L)
m = Solute (moles) / Mass Solvent (kg)
Percent Mass
Mass solute / Mass Solution x 100%
Parts Per Million
Mass solute / Mass Solution x 10^6
Parts Per Billion
Mass solute / Mass Solution x 10^9
Percent Volume
Volume solute / Volume Solution x 100%
Mole Fraction
X = Solute (moles) / Moles of solution (moles solute + moles solvent)
Colligative Properties
Depends on # of particles

Ex: Freezing point of solution

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