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Avenge To get revenge for get even for
CEDE To give up, surrender, to hand over to another
Deluge A great flood, a heavy fall of rain, anything that comes in a vast quantity like a flood
Discretion Good judgment; care and speech and action; freedom to judge or choose
Giddy Dizzy; lightheaded; lacking seriousness
Impact The striking of one object against another; I shock caused by collision,; to affect especially forcefully
Intimidate To make timid or fry in by threats; do use fear to get someone to do or not to do something
Liberate Two free from bondage or domination or to release
Logical Reasonable, making use of a reason and Good sense
Misrepresent To give a false or untrue idea
Optional Left to one's own choice; not required
Outright Complete; instantaneous; without reservation
Rendezvous To meet in accordance with a plan; a meeting by agreement; a meeting place
Rotund Round and plump; full or rich and sound
Saunter Mistral; walk in an easy leisurely way; a stroll
Sluggish Lazy; slow moving; not active dull
Subordinate Lower in rank or position, secondary; one who is in a lower position or under the orders of someone else
Tint A delicate color or Hue; a slight trace of something; to give color to something; to dye
Variable Likely to undergo change; changeable so I: a value a quantity that varies; a symbol for such
Verge The point at which something big and or happened; a border; too inclined tend toward approach

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