Money Makes The World Go Round Essay

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” Money makes the world go round ” is a popular saying in today’s society because its true. If you have money, you can get anything imaginable. Look at O.J. Simpson for example. He was charged with double murder. If that was a regular person , that trial would of been over a long time ago. A rich person has the money to hire expensive lawyers, and they can tie up the system as long as they want. A jury would be more likely to convict a poor person in stead of sending a respectable rich one to jail. The jury might think, If he has money, why would he rob someone? Because the fact that he/she is rich ! But this is just one place where money can play a big factor in life. Look at the medical field. If you don’t have any money, then you probably don’t get the best service you can.

Its easy to get a bill in the thousands for a hospital visit or a doctor visits. Some of the medicine out today is expensive too. Medical care is outrageous, so if you don’t have any money you won’t get the best

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service and care you need or want in today’s world. Everything today is a profit. Look at all the major companies in the world today. Look what some of the companies did to save money. Some polluted environment with toxic chemicals because it probably was cheaper to do it. Others have went over sea’s or to Mexico to make their goods. Why, because there they can hire people at a cheaper rate. As we can all see, without money, we’re nowhere. People can do anything and everything if they have a little money in their hands.

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