Monatomic Ions

Alkali Metals
Group 1A Charge 1+
Alkaline Earth Metals
Group 2A Charge 2+
Transition Metals
Group 1B through 8B
Boron Family
Group 3A Charge Boron doe not tend to form ions.
Aluminum and Gallium
Al and Ga have a 3+ charge
In (Indium) and Tl (Thallium) can be 3+ or 1+
Carbon Family
Group 4A
C (Carbon), Si (Silicon), and Ge (Germanium) do not tend to form ions. Sn (tin) and Pb (Lead) can be 3+ or 1+
Nitrogen Family
Group 5A
N (Nitrogen) and P (Phosphorus) are 3-
As (Arsenic) and Sb (Antimony) do not tend to form ions
Bi (Bismuth) is usually 3+
Oxygen Family
Group 6A
O (Oxygen) and S (Sulfur) are 2-
Se (Selenium) and Te (Tellurium) Do not tend to form ions.
Po (Polonium) can be 2+ or 4+
Group 7A
1- is the charge
Noble Gases
The Noble Gases do not form Ions
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