Molecules and covalent bonds Flashcard

a single atom with a positive or negative charge
two or more atoms covalently bonded
a molecule with four electron groups; 4 bonded atoms and no unshared electron pairs has WHAT SHAPE?
When drawing Lewis structures, a _______ represents one of several possible formations of a molecule
resonance structure
for a simple molecule, consisting of only two atoms, what is the only shape possible?
When determining the shape of a molecule, two things must be considered: number of bonded atoms and _______.
number of unshared pairs
Polarity of a molecule depends upon polarity of bonds and upon _____
bond angles
What term describes an attraction between non-polar molecules in which temporary dipoles are formed?
London forces
A hydrocarbon that contains one or more double bonds is an _______
Molecules with the same molecular formula but different arrangement of atoms are called _______
fats that contain the maximum number of hydrogens because the carbons are connected only by single bonds are _____
saturated fats
fats that contain one or more double bonds and therefore fewer than the maximum number of hydrogens are ____
unsaturated fats
the simplest ratio of cations to anions of an ionic compound is its ____
formula unit
the number of particles in 1 mole of a substance is known as
Avogadro’s constant
a formula for a compound in which the lowest ratio of atoms is given is its _____
empirical formula
the formula for a compound in which the actual number of atoms is given is its..
molecular formula

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