Molecular Names

Where is Carbonic Acid?
In groundwate, acid rain, and carbonated drinks
Where is Hydrochloric Acid?
Stomach- Stomach acid
Where is Nitric Acid?
In acid rain; basis for some explosives
Where is Phosphoric Acid?
In some home cleaning products
Where is Sulfuric Acid?
in battery acid
Where is Nitrogen?
Primary component in air; raw mineral for producing ammonia
Where is Oxygen?
Second major component in air
Where is Argon?
Third major component of air
Where is Carbon Dioxide?
Combustion product of hydrocarbon fuels, including food being digested.
Where is Ozone?
In Ozone layer; pollutant created when electric current passes through oxygen
Where is Water?
Humidity; water vapor; steam
Where is Flourine?
Too reactive to occur as individual atoms
Where is Chlorine?
Bactericide, WWII gas warefare agent
Where is Iodine Disinfectant?
Batericide; usually made by dissolving in water
Where is Acetic Acid?
Where is Ammonia?
Basis of all synthetic fertilizers, and so an exceedingly important agrichemical; a base
Where is Hydrogen?
Raw material for the producation of Ammonia
Where is Hydrogen Peroxide Solution?
Where is Methane?
Natural Gas
Where is Silicon Dioxide?
Where is Water?
Fresh water, Dew, Rain
Where is Ammonium Hydroxide?
in household ammonia
Where is Sodium Bicarbonate?
in baking soda
Where is Sodium Hydroxide?
Lye; drain cleaner
Where is Hypochlorite?
Household bleach
Where is Calcium Carbonate?
Where is Iron (III) Oxide?

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