Module #8 Study Guide

Gregor Mendel
Founder of modern genetics.

True Breeding
If an organism has a certain characteristic that is always passed on to its offspring, we say this organism bred true with respect to that characteristic.

a plant sexually reproducing with itself.

One pair of genes that occupies the same position on homologous chromosomes.

Two-letter set that represents the alleles an organism possesses for a certain trait

The observeable expression of an organism’s genes.

Homozygous genotype
A genotype in which both alleles are identical

Hetrozygous genotype
A genotype with two different alleles

Dominant allele
An allele that will determine phenotype if just one is present in the genotype

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Recessive allele
An allele that will not determine the phenotype unless the genotype is homozygous in that allele

Mendel’s Principles
1. The traits of an organism are determined by its genes
2. Each organism has two alleles that make up the genotype for a given trait
3. In sexual reproduction, each parents contributes ONLY ONE of its alleles to its offspring.
4. In each genotyp, there is a dominant allele. If it exists in an organism, the phenotype is determined by that allele.

Punnett Squares
Used to predict the likelihood that an offspring will have a given genotype and phenotype.

A diagram that follows a particular phenotype through several generations.

Monoybrid cross
A cross between two individuals, concentrating on only one definable trait

Dihybrid cross
A cross between two individuals, concentrating on two definable traits

Chromosomes that do not determine the sex of an individual

Sex chromosomes
Chromosomes that determine the sex of an individual

Polygenetic inheritance
traits are caused by the interaction of several genes

Incomplete dominance
traits that are controlled by alleles

One set of allels might affect how another set of alleles is expressed

A single gene affects multiple observable traits

A protein that, when introduced in the blood, triggers the production of an antibody

Autosomal Inheritane
Inheriitance of a genetic trait not on a sex chromosome

Genetic disease carrier
A person who is heterozygous in a recessive genetic disorder

Sex-linked inheritance
Inheritance of a genetic trait located on the sex chromosomes

A radical chemical change inn one or more alleles

Change in chromosome structure
A situation in which a chromosome loses or gains genes during meiosis

Change in chromosome number
A situation in which abnormal cellular events in meiosis lead to either none of a particular chromosome in the gamete or more than one chromosome in the gamete

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