Module 3. Organelles

Question Answer
Peroxisome (Vesicle) Detoxifies/ breaks down organic compoundsMembranous
Lysosome (Vesicle) Breaks down organic compounds & damaged organelles/pathogensMembranous
Microville Increanses surface area (more membrane for cell) Membranous
Golgi Apparatus Store, alter, & change(Proccesses & packages proteins for export.Membranous
Nucleus Holds DNA & controls protein synthesisMembranous
Nuclear Envelope Nuclear pores (Double membrane, protects nucleus) Membranous
Nucleolus Dense, sphere in the Nucleus, provides (creates) ribosomes.NOT membranous
Chromatin (unfolded) Scattered DNA in the Nucleus when the cell is NOT dividing. NOT membranous
Smooth ER NO ribosomes, Lipid metabolismDoes with lipidsMembranous
Rough ER Ribosomes on surface, makes & transports proteinsMembranous
ER Endoplasmic Reticulum.
Ribosomes TINY-synthesize (make) proteinsCease-fire the cell to useNOT membranous.
Mitochondrion Produces ATP (95%)DOUBLE membranous
Cytoskeleton Strengthens & Supports cellNOT membranous
Centrioles Cellular divisionNOT membranous
Centrosomes Space for centiolesNOT membranous
Plasma Membrane Covers the cell, transport, separated the ICF from the ECF (protects)Membranous

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