Mobile Marketing

Benefits of Mobile Phones
• Personal
• Always carried
• Always on
• Built in payment system
• Always available as a creative tool
o Photos
o Videos
o Scribbling pad
• Accurate audience measurement
• Captures the social context of media consumption
Advantages of Mobile Marketing
• Instant results
• Easy to work with
• Easier to issue
• Convenient to use doe to screen size
• Direct marketing allows for personalized interaction via SMS
• User response tracked almost instantaneously
• Huge viral potential
• Reaches a far wider and diverse audience
• Niche is not highly concentrated
• Microblogging benefits
• Mobile payment
Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing
• Platforms too diverse
• Privacy issues
• Navigation on a mobile phone may get difficult
Short Messaging Services
o The SMS opt in feature
Ads are netter received because the customer asked for them and can cancel them any time they’d like
Must create a customer base by using traditional marketing to inform customer
o SMS leads to targeted traffic
Mainly reaches an age range of 18 to 35
o Serving up location-relevant content
Customers enjoy getting relevant ads based on their location
o SMS is short, personal and interactive
Can create polls, add images, animation or video
o Planning an SMS campaign is faster
Maximum of 160 characters so do you not have to make an elaborate plan to advertise
SMS Advantages
• Niche marketing
• Real time messages = impromptu offers
• Interactive – surveys or pols
• Easy to gather user data
• Easy to change campaign as needed
• Offer rewards to those who participate
SMS Disadvantages
• Very little space – 160 characters
• Limits creativity
• Ad must be different each time it’s presented
• Hard to constantly engage and get customers to opt-in
• Some messages go unread
• Size of audience is quite limited although gaining in popularity
What are QR Codes?
• The scrambled up bar code in a box
More Meaningful QR Codes
• Give customers a good reason to scan – don’t just send them to your website
• Give customers an incentive for taking them time to scan your QR Code
o Coupon
o Rewards Club
o Exclusive video/photo
Dynamic QR Codes
• Action performed can be varied from time to time without changing the code
o Using on staff t-shirts at events so users can get specific information on the current event
• Can be tracked to know when and how many times code was scanned and from where
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