Mobile Commerce Chapter 7

Describe the two factors that make social, local, and mobile marketing different from traditional online marketing
1) accessibility
– users can now easily access internet on this mobile devices and can compare products with social interaction and social networking
2) encouraging human interaction with customers
– mobile devices are more powerful to create local and social marketing. They can be used by customers to find local merchants, and for businesses for providing alerts to customers regarding special offers
– users are influenced by the way mobile apps are collabing with brands
– mobile and social marketing makes the traditional online marketing different
Why are social, local, and mobile marketing efforts interconnected?
they are all self-reinforcing and connected
– as mobile devices become more powerful, they are more useful for accessing facebook and other social sites
– as mobile devices become more widely adopted, the can be used by customers to find local merchants, and those merchants can alert customers in their neighourhood for special offers
Why is the connection between social, mobile, and local marketing important to marketers?
It is important to marketers because it can lead customers down a funnel of cues that end with a purchase. With the into to the social world, modern advertising has changed.
– in terms of reach and engagement, marketers should be able to udnerstand which social site is most popular
What are the objectives of social marketing?
1) Increase exposure
2) Encourage potential customers
– do this by making presentation i nthe form of high quality images or videos of the product or service
3) Strenghting the brand and drive sales
What are the major social network sites?
What are five elements of the social marketing process?
1) fan acquisition
2) engagement
3) amplification
4) community
5) brand strength (sales)
What are the three most important features of facebook for marketers to consider?
– Graph search
– Like buton
– brand pages
List and briefly describe the basic facebook marketing tools
1) Like button
– allows users to express support for content on social sites
2) Brand pages
– engagement and community buildings, similar to business web page but encourages user interaction and response
3) News Feed and Post Ads
– Paid brand messages can be inserted into the newsfeed
4) Right-hand sidebar ads
5) Mobile ads
– fan acquisiton and engagement
– ads delivered to smartphones and tablets
6) facebook exchange (FBX)
– real time ad exchange; sells are retargets ads thru online bidding
How can you measure the results of a facebook social marketing campaign?
Basic metrics:
– Fan acquisition (impressions)
– Engagement (conversation rate)
– Amplification (reach)
– Community
– Brand strength/sales

Facebook analytics tools:
– Facebook Page Insights
– Social media management systems (HootSuite)
– Analytics providers (Google Analytics, Webtrends)

List and briefly describe Twitter marketing tools
Promoted Tweets
Promoted Trends
Promoted Accounts
Enhanced Profile Page
Promoted Video
Television Ad Retargeting
Lead Generation Cards
Mobile Ads
How can you measure the results of a twitter social marketing campaign?
Similar to Facebook results
– Fan acquisition,
– engagement,
– amplification,
– community,
– brand strength/sales

Analytics tools
– Twitter’s real-time dashboard
– Twitter’s Timeline activity and
– Followers dashboards
– Third-party tools
– TweetDeck, Twitalyzer, BackTweets

In what way are pinterest postings similar to display ads?
– They both give basic information about the product
– use visual effects to atttract audience
– shows item for slae with specific price that can link the pinned item to the official page where the user can purchase
List and briefly describe pinterest marketing tools
Promoted pins
Buyable Pins/Shop Our Picks
Add Pin It and Follow buttons
Pin as display ad
Theme-based (lifestyle) boards
Brand pages
URL link to stores
Retail brand Pins
Integration with other social sites
Network with users, followers, others
Why is mobile marketing different from desktop marketing?
What is the fastest growing m-commerce platform and why?
Why are in-app ads so important to marketers?
What is the multi-screen environment and how does it change marketing
Consumers becoming multi-platform
– Desktops, smartphones, tablets, TV
– 90% of multi-device users use multiple devices to complete action
View ad on TV, search on smartphone, purchase on tablet

Marketing Implications:
– consistent branding
– responsive design
– increased complexity, costs

What kinds of ad formats are found on mobile devices
Search ads
Display ads
Video, rich media
Messaging: SMS text messaging with coupons or flash marketing messages
Others: e-mail, classifieds, lead generation
List the steps of the social marketing process
1) Fan acquisition
– attract ppl
2) engagement
– encouraging visitors to interact with your content
3) Amplification
– encouraging users to share likes and comments with friends
4) Community
– stable group of fans that are engaged and communicating with one another
5) Brand strength (sales)

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