mngmt chap 1

who are managers?
someone who coordinates and oversees others work so goals can be accomplished
difference between technical skills & conceptual skills
technical- knowledge in specific field
conceptual-ability to relate in complex situations
levels of management, traditional structure
1. top manager
2. middle manager
3. first line manager
4. non-managerial manager
(list example of all 4)
3 main things managers do
1. organize
2. structure
3. efficiency
define organization (work)
arrangement of people assembled to accomplish some specific purpose (that individuals independently could not accomplish alone).
difference between efficiency and effectiveness
-“Doing things right”
-Getting the most output for the least inputs
“Doing the right things”
Attaining organizational goals
management strives for
high efficiency and high effectiveness
three areas of management
1. functions
2. roles
3. skills
4 components of functions
a. planning
b. organizing
c. leading-influence to accomplish goals
d. controlling-monitor, compare, correct work
Robert katz: managers need
1.technical skills
-knowledge in specific field
2.human skills
3.conceptual skills
-ability to relate to complex siutations
what skills do top, middle, and lower level managers need
top: conceptual, human skills
middle: human skills
lower: technical, human skills
changes managers face
security threats
managerial ethics
-doing things differently, exploring, taking risks
-managers should encourage to act on opportunities for innovation
the reason an organization exists is
its customers
companies ability to achieve goals and increase its value
universality of management
reality management is needed
-in all organizational levels/areas
reality of work
employees either manage or are managed
challenges of management
-thankless job
-deal with meeting & many interuptions
-deal with different personalities & make things work with minimal resources
rewards of manager
-responsible for creating a positive work environment
-salaries, bonuses, stock options

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