MLA Study Guide

Name, Teachers name, Subject Class, Date
Give the 3 remaining items needed in MLA header after your name.

Modern Language Association
What do the initials MLA stand for?

This word means “kidnapping”?

Newspaper, scholary journal, magazines
A periodical refers to these 3 sources…name them.

Comes out at a fix time
What does the word periodical mean?

1st hand research
Define primary research

when you use someone elses research
Define secondary research

No its plagerism
Submitting a paper that you have already submitted in a previous class is okay to do because it is your own word. Explain if this statement is true of false and why.

work cited
What is the title for the WC page?

Skydiving: Careers That Soars
Which title of your paper is correct?
“Skydiving: Careers That Soars”
Skydiving: Careers That Soars

If there is no author of a source, what is giving in its place?

The sources on your WC page are written in what order?

The spacing on the WC page is…?

If you have a 5 page paper what page number is the WC page?

.com means what?

.org means what?

topic and opinion
What two items should appear in the thesis?

after ( )
Where do you place the period of a sentence when using a ( ) citation?

When the indentation is hanging over the rest of the paragraph ——————
Define hanging indentation.

2 tabs
What is the indentation for a block or long quote?

According to MLA, how many spaces should you use after a sentence?

1 inch
What is the overall margin of your paper EXCLUDING the upper right?

authors last name and page number
What info does the ( ) citation contain?

no – only what you use
WC refers to any source you might use in your paper. Yes or no. Explain

No – APA
MLA is the only acceptable style of writing research paper. Yes or No. Explain

Are quotation marks needed if you use a block quote?

sources you use
Define working bibliography.

gives the person an authority
What does “credentials” refer to when evaluating a source?

internet – includes false info
What is the toughest source to evaluate? Why?

time of publication
What does currency refer to when evaluating a source?

no know you plagarised
Define unintentional plagiarism.

knowledge that is common
Define common knowledge.

last name and page number
What info is included in the upper right corner of your paper?

Pretend that these sources are in you WC…alphabetize them..
John Rockefeller
The Secret Life of Bees
A Long Road Home

No – have to do both
If you submit a paper with no ( ) refs but you do have an awesome works cited page..thats okay because you have listed all of your sources. True or false. Why?

What is the name of BL’s online catalog system?

Times New Roman 12
What font and size should be used?

Is a title page needed?

right next to the text it refers to
Where would you insert a chart or illustration in a paper?

what you see in the ( ) should match the works cited
How is the ( ) connected to a source on the WC page? Explain

Choose the correct example of a ( ) citation if you include the authors name in the sentence.
(Bradbury 25)
(Bradbury, 25)
(Fahrenheit, 25)

(Bradbury 25)
Choose the correct example of a ( ) citation if you do not include the authors name in the sentence.
(Bradbury 25)
(Bradbury, 25)
(Fahrenheit, 25)

yes – it still summarizes the idea
If you paraphrase or summarize info in your paper, you do not have to use a ( ) citation. True or False. Explain

What is the spacing between the date and the title of your paper?

topic and sentence
Name the two types of outline.

Your own original ideas presented in a paper do not need ( ) citations. True or False.

What is the general term referring to any collection of information?

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