MKTG 4316 Electronic Marketing Chapter 2

Value Chain
a tool for identifying ways to create value for the end customers.
Value Chain main activities
inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and service.
EDI – Paperless Transaction Processing
Order Entry Generates Electronic PO
Order Electronically Transmitted to Seller
Order Moves into Seller’s Electronic System
Electronic Acknowledgment Sent
System Generates Instructions to Ship from Warehouse
Electronic Invoice Sent to Purchaser
Payment Made by Secure EFT
ERP – Integrating Internal Systems
Internal Business Process Integration Necessary To External Systems Like EDI
Automation and Integration Of All Internal Systems
Order Processing, Production Planning & Scheduling, Inventory Control, Distribution, Customer Relationship Management
Integrate Financial Data into Single Database
Customer Order Data Moves Electronically/ Seamlessly Through System
Standardize and Speed Up Manufacturing
Reduce Inventory Levels
Standardize and Make Accessible Human Resources Information
Cloud Computing
use of a remote network to store, manage, and process data
SaaS ~ Software as a Service
making software available on a fee for use basis instead of on a license or purchase basis
RFID ~ Radio frequency identification
technology that allows the identification of tagged goods from a distance with no intervention by human operations

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