MKTG 4280 Global Marketing

The American Marketing Association’s (2013) definition of marketing suggests, that, primarily, marketing is concerned with delivering value to all of the following except:
The American Marketing Association’s definition of marketing could entail any of the following, except
Of the 4 P’s of marketing, which is another name for distribution
The idea that we are surrounded by marketing stimuli, which exist all around us and everywhere, is best expressed by which of the following characteristics that contribute to the significance of consumer behavior?
Which of the following is the closest to the current GDP of the USA (in trillions of dollars)?
In her talk, Professor Iyengar narrates her experiences from extensive interviews with subjects from many countries of the world. Which of the following was NOT included in the list of countries in which she had conducted her research?
The talk by Professor Iyengar attempts to convey which of the following notions?
An increasing amount of choices does not necessarily benefit the consumer.
In one of her examples, Professor Iyengar discusses her research with parents of very young children, who had to be taken off life support for medical reasons. The two countries in which she conducted this research were the USA and __
In the course of her research in Eastern Europe, when Professor Iyemgar gave her subjects a choice of seven different brands of __, they did not perceived all perceive that to be equivalent to seven different choices.
Profesor Iyengar’s research show that what we think of choices, depends largely on our ___ background.
Near the beginning of his TED Talk on “Cross Cultural Communication,” Pellegrino Riccardo describes the characteristics of Norwegians in very general terms to see if they would agree with him. It turned out that, while most of them though of his characterization of Norwegians as mostly accurate, in reality, he was describing ___
a character from an animated movie
In his TED Talk on “Cross Cultural Communication,” Pellegrino Riccardi suggests that often when people in any given culture speaks to outsiders, they ___
Are misperceived
In his TED Talk on “Cross Cultural Communication,” Pellegrino Riccardi suggests that culture is all about behavior that is __ and __
Accepted; familiar
From Pellegrino Riccardi’s characterization of the different cultures, in his TED Talk on “Cross Cultural Communication,” it follows that Norwegians have ___ in comparison with the people of the United Kingdom.
a lower context culture
Which of the following is FALSE about culture?
The effects of culture are always obvious.
Of the following antecedents
of culture, which is the most fundamental (that is, which comes before
the others)?
Which of the following countries ranks number TWO in the 2015 Gender Development Index (GDI) published by UN Human Development reports?
In the Lewis Model Triangle, which of the following cultures occupy the corner associated with Multi-Active?
After the Industrial Revolution, Western economies outpaced the economies of the rest of the world by a significant margin. The first indication of something that was contrary to this trend arose in which of the following countries?
Which of the following is NOT one of the classifications of the United Nations’ categorization of the development of countries?
In which of the Five Stages of Economic Growth does investment in manufacturing exceed 10 percent of national income?
Which of the following is closest to the population of the world?
7.2 billion
According to Lesson 4, Brookings Institute reports that 88% of the next billion entrants into the middle class will come from Asia. Of these, the country that will contribute the most is ____
Koreans are not comfortable with people smiling at them.

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