MKTG 330 – EXAM #2

Chapter 8: Messaging & Media Strategies
the ability to consider and hold together seemingly inconsistent elements and forces, making a new connection — step out of everyday logic. The purpose of creative ads is to break through the clutter and get remembered
Conflict between Creatives & Management
1) Creative vs. Clients
2) Creative vs. Account Services
3) Conflict with Account Executives
Creative vs. Clients
clients see creativity as an overall agency trait, whereas agency people place the responsibility for it on the shoulders of the creative dept. Clients often kill what creative think are great ideas, but at the end of the day the creative dept. isn’t the one who is putting $10 million behind the campaign
“Many clients don’t recognize their role in killing the very same breakthrough ideas they claim to be looking for”
Creative vs. Account Services
conflict arises between departments because the departments do not always share the same ultimate goals, have different backgrounds, and conflict between “science and art” when assessing the effectiveness of the advertisement

Creatives see ads as a way to communicate personal creative ideology that will further their career → account managers sees the goal of communication as achieving some predetermined objective in the marketplace

Conflict with Account Executives
AE’s (liaison between the agency and client) think that the creatives don’t understand advertising strategy or business dealings & the creative department resents that

AE’s must also make sure the client is happy and soothe the clients when the ad is challenging, provoking and shocking.

Advertising Message Strategies (3)
1) Cognitive Strategy
2) Affective Strategy
3) Conative Strategy
Cognitive Strategy
rational arguments, informational. Generic, preemptive (introduce an idea), unique selling proposition (USP), comparative, hyperbole
Affective Strategy
invoke feeling & associate them with a product brand, product, service or person. Resonance (FAMILY RELATIONSHIP), nostalgia, emotional advertising
Conative strategy
lead to a behavioral response. Action inducing, promotional support
Ad Appeals
profit, health, fear, admiration, convenience, fun & pleasure, vanity & egotism, environmental consciousness
Executional styles for message
slice of life, lifestyle, spokesperson/testimonial, fantasy, humorous, real/animated product, mood or image, demonstration, musical, scientific
Brand name criteria (5):
1) Convey intended positioning
2) Establish Product differentiation
3) Establish a distinct segment
4) Establish a distinctive image & benefit
5) Ease of trademark registration
Ad slogan features:
Benefit driven
Jingle (rhythm, rhyme, or ring)
Length (appropriate)
Coined words
Creative Brief
document that outlines and channels and essential creative idea and objective, identifies goals, everyone will move in right direction, joint activity involving the client and AE
Keys to creativity
(1) Challenge- give people the right amount of challenge

(2) Freedom- give them the freedom to choose a path for meeting the challenge

(3) Resources – time and money

(4) Workgroup features -teams characterized by diversity of thought & expertise

(5) Supervisory encouragement-can or cannot

(6) Organizational support – include perks to keep team happy with their job

Cognitive Styles (3)
(1) Sensing vs. Intuiting
(2) Thinking vs. Feeling
(3) Introversion vs. Extroversion
Creative Abrasion
clash of ideas, abstracted from the people who propose them, from which new ideas can evolve.
Interpersonal abrasion
clash of people, often resulting from an inability to regard idea feedback as separate from personal feedback, causing communication to shut down
Rules for Good Brainstorming
(1) Build off each other
(2) Fear drives out creativity
(3) Prime individuals before and after
(4) Make it happen
(5) It’s a skill
(6) Embrace creative abrasion
(7) Listen and learn
(8) Follow the rules
Chapter 9
Advantages of Online Promotion (5)
(1) Target Market Selectivity
(2) Tracking
(3) Deliverability, Flexibility, & Reach
(4) Interactivity
(5) Integration
Cost Per Thousand – dollar cost of reaching 1000 members of an audience

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