MKTG 312 – Retail Atmospherics

Retail Atmospherics
Anything firms do to manipulate your buying behavior
Visual Atmospherics
When marketing products it is crucial to consider that consumers place this above other factors
Visual Atmospherics Affect
shoppers touch more items and spend more time inspecting a display with brighter lights and blue lights are more relaxing and encourage longer browsing and promote purchase intentions
Strong and bright
People who like ____ coffee drank more when the lighting was ____
five ways colors can influence shoppers
1. Tell a story with colors
2. Comfort and Calm Customers
3. Alert shoppers to certain products
4. Build brand recognition
5. highlight rather than overpower a product
Visual Summary
1. visual appealing environment encourages shoppers to stay longer and (possibly) purchase more
2. Specific colors convey semantic meaning that must align with the retailer but that can vary by region (global retailers face a challenge)
Auditory atmospherics
1. shopper prefer background music to silence
2. classical music conveys well in higher end stores
3. customers bought more german wine when german music played
4. turnover at supermarkets increased by 40% when the tempo of music – customers spent longer times in isles
Olfactory Atmospherics
1. We can asses a smells intensity and pleasantness but not much else – can’t describe smell
2. Introducing sent to retail is very hard
3. ambient smells can influence buying behavior by creating a more positive experience
4. sent memory is the strongest of all senses
5. Identify a signature scent that is both pleasant and congruent with the store and brand identity
Tactile Atmospherics
1. Can be described in terms of softness, smoothness, and temperature
2. customers are more likely to purchase a product after they have touched or picked up and may also be willing to pay for it
3. problem of tactile contamination
Tactile Contamination
People don’t like to see someone putting things back that they’ve tried on
Taste Atmospherics
1. a single negative reaction to something eaten leads to consistent long-term avoidance
2. On the flip side, one can recall highly positive experiences of food consumption perhaps more rich and vivid than a single auditory, visual, olfactory or tactile experience
Free Samples
Consumers prefer the last option when two desirable products are tasted but the first option when two less desirable products are tasted
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