MKTG 301 Final: Direct & Online Marketing

Direct marketing
Direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate/direct response
Forms of direct marketing (7)
1. Catalog marketing
2. Online marketing
3. Direct response TV marketing
4. Direct mail marketing
5. Face to face selling
6. Telemarketing
7. Kiosk marketing
Best form of direct marketing for tracking responses
Direct response TV marketing
Face to face selling is also known as
Personal selling
Form of direct marketing with huge growth
Catalog marketing
Sending an offer, reminder, announcement to a person at a particular address
Direct-mail marketing
Benefits of direct mail marketing
-Permits high target-market selectivity
-Yields better prospects than using mass media
-Easy to measure results
Catalog marketing
print catalogs, web based catalogs
Benefits of web catalogs
Cost savings
Amount of space/merchandise
Realtime merchandising
Interactive features
Problem with web catalogs
using the phone to sell directly to customers
Direct Response TV Marketing
direct marketing via TV, which = direct response
3 forms of Direct Response TV Marketing
1. direct response advertising
2. infomercials
3. home shopping channels
Direct response advertising
TV spots of 60 or 120 seconds long, containing a toll-free number or website for ordering
A 30-minute or longer advertising program for a single product
Home shopping channels (HSN, QVC)
entire cable channels dedicated to selling multiple brands/items/services
The fastest growing form of direct marketing
Online marketing
Deals with customers face-to-face in an office/store

example: grocery store, bank

Online only, no brick-and-mortar presence
Traditional brick-and-mortar companies that have added online marketing to their operations
7 C’s of effective website design
4 online marketing domains
1. B2C (Business to Consumer)
2. B2B (Business to Business)
3. C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
4. C2B (Consumer to Business)
Businesses selling goods and services online to final consumers

Initiated by business, targeted to consumers

Businesses using online marketing to reach new business customers, serve current customers more effectively, and obtain buying efficiencies and better prices

Initiated by business, targeted to business

Online exchanges of goods/information between final consumers

Initiated by consumers, targeted to consumers

examples: eBay, Craigslist

Online exchange in which consumers search out sellers, learn about their offers, initiate purchases

Initiated by consumers, targeted to business

Forms of online advertising (7)
1. Search-related ads
2. Content sponsorships
3. Alliances
4. Affiliate programs
5. Banner ads
6. Viral marketing
7. Interstitials
Largest form of online advertising
Search-related ads
Search-related ads are what kind of advertising?
Search-related ads
Text-based ads and links that appear alongside search engine results
Viral marketing
The Internet version of word-of-mouth marketing

a website, video (any marketing event) that is so infectious that customers will seek it out or pass it along to friends

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